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Alberto Peralta

Faces of NECC Alberto Peralta

A typical day for Alberto includes working the night shift then catching four hours a sleep before heading to Haverhill for morning classes.

Despite the challenges and the lack of sleep, he views his education as an opportunity. “When you want something, nothing gets in your way.”

Alberto was in the first group of students to enroll in the college’s new associate degree in lab science, a cutting edge program that prepares students for careers in biotechnology, environmental science, or chemical analysis.

Eventually Alberto would like to earn a Ph.D. in biotechnology but he knows he will have to continue to work while in school. The beauty of the lab science program is that once he has an associate degree, he can get a job in the field and then continue his education at a four-year college or university.

A 2000 graduate of Lawrence High School, Peralta always loved science and knew he wanted to pursue his education in this field. “Even when I’m not in school I’m thinking about physics and black holes and crazy stuff,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to know why and how.”

With a 3.5 grade point average, it’s clear that Peralta is serious about his studies and just may be on track to do something spectacular. “I want to go down in the books for doing something awesome,” he says. “I can see the headlines now: ’Alberto Peralta finds the cure for cancer.’”

For more information on the associate degree in lab science, visit the website at Lab Science.