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Course Reserves

Course Reserves

Faculty may place an item or items on ‘Reserve’ in the library. Generally, this means that there are limited copies of an item or it has copyright restrictions, and that you will need to come to the library to use the materials. In some cases, a faculty member will allow the item to be checked out to you for a short period of time to be used outside of the library.

To find out if there are items on reserve for your class, you will need to know the name of your instructor and your course number. You can search using either of the methods below:

Name of Professor / Instructor

Search by your faculty’s last name, for example: “Perez” or “Perez, Juan” or “Perez, J”
Course Number

Start with either “NEL-” (for Lawrence) or “NEH-” (for Haverhill)

Example: NEH-ENG 101

If you have questions about items that are on reserve, please contact the library at reference@necc.mass.edu You may also call (978)-556-3400 or (978)-738-7400 for further assistance.