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NECC Announces Summer Dean’s List

Dr. Lane Glenn, vice president of academic affairs, Northern Essex Community College, is pleased to announce the appointment of students to the Dean’s List for the Summer 2010 term.

To be included, students must attain a grade point average of 3.3 or higher within the term, carry six or more credits within the term, and be matriculated in a degree program.

With campuses in Haverhill and Lawrence, extension sites in Andover and Methuen, and a Center for Corporate and Community Education in North Andover, Northern Essex Community College is a state-funded college, offering over 70 associate degrees and certificate programs as well as hundreds of non credit courses designed for personal enrichment and career growth.  Close to 11,000 students ranging from recent high school graduates to workers employed locally attend classes days, evenings, and weekends.  Northern Essex is the only state college located in the lower Merrimack Valley Region of Massachusetts.

            Summer 2010 dean’s list students include:

Amesbury                                  MA

Anderson Andolfato Filho General Studies

John Collins                        Elementary Education

John Fisher                                                               LA: Biology

Heather Fowler                   Gen Studies: Nursing

Ariana Lovering                  General Studies

Mary Mattison                      Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Katherine McPartland        Criminal Justice

Sherry Nadeau                    Phlebotomy Technician Cert

Shane Pender                     Unclassified -HS Dual Enrollmt

Jenifer Prince-Moughan   Elementary Education

Joel Richardson                  CIS: Information Technology

Lauri Scally                          Business Transfer

Richard Wainwright           Graphic Design

Keisha Wilkins                    Criminal Justice

Robert Youngs                    EKG Technician Certificate

Andover                                     MA

Kevin Carney                      Paramedic Technology Cert

Sarah Hawn                        Early Childhood Education

Thayse Mota                        Business Transfer

Sungsoo Park                     Radiologic Technology

Kathi Sawka                        Gen Studies: Paralegal

Robert Strecker                   Paralegal Career

Beverly                                       MA

Leny Bloise                          Gen Studies: Nursing

Boxford                                      MA

Joshua Cirinna                   LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

Toma David                          Respiratory Care

Bradford                                     MA

Kylie Bradlee                       General Studies

Tova Cooper                        General Studies

Eric Dell’Ova                        Accounting

Kristi Dorazio                       Accounting

Mary George                        General Studies

Janice Gray                          Paralegal Certificate

Shannon Keating               LA: Journalism/Communication

Joanna Kopcinski               Paralegal Transfer

Frank Laudani                     LA: Biology

Jonathan Lewis                  Engineering Science

Susan Mahoney                 EKG Technician Certificate

Jennifer McAninch             Practical Nursing (PN)

Josephine Muchene          Gen Studies: Nursing

Donna O’Connor                Medical Billing Cert

Katakyie Sarpong               LA: Biology

Allison Simon                      General Studies

Meredith Vernatter              Gen Studies: Nursing

Byfield                                        MA

Kristin Conti                                                               LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

Emily Frost                           Gen Studies: Deaf Studies

Chelsea                                     MA

Sarah Nickles                      Gen Studies: Nursing

Danvers                                     MA

Corey Reed                          Medical Assistant (Eve)

Dracut                                        MA

Edith  Chin                           Bus Mgt: Computer Applications

Emily Dadak-Henderson   LA: Philosophy

Adam Fontaine                   LA: Biology

Amadaline Gregory            Gen Studies: Nursing

Sherri Talbot                        Criminal Justice

Georgetown                               MA

Kimberly Dichirico              Gen Studies: Nursing

Groveland                                  MA

Daniela Basile                     Business Transfer

Mandy Carnes                     Accounting

Alissa Fitzpatrick                 Gen Studies: Nursing

Jennifer Scanlon-Stearns Gen Studies: Nursing

Haverhill                                    MA

Ileana Adamez                    Gen Studies: Nursing

Nathaniel Auger                 Engineering Science

Lauren Baril                                                               Gen Studies: Dental Assisting

Talcum Beckett                    Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Perla Bisono                        Business Management

Dawn Blodgett                     Accounting

Robert Brolin                       Elect Tech: Computer Systems

Johnathan Burda               Criminal Justice

Kathleen Christian             EKG Technician Certificate

Jackelyn Cintron                 Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Andrew Clawson                Liberal Arts

Heidi Coleman                    General Studies

Juan Colon                          Bus Mgt: Computer Applications

Katelyn Croteau                  Graphic Design

Amy Daly                              Elementary Education

Randy Davis                        Bus Mgt: Healthcare Practice

Jennifer DelaCruz              General Studies

Katelyn Demers                  Early Childhood Education

Jessica Dick                         Liberal Arts

Edelth Dorestant                 EKG Technician Certificate

Terry Dowell                         CIS: Information Technology

Kenneth Dussault              Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Anthony Federico               Laboratory Science

Minelys Felipe                     LA: International Relations

Noelia Figuereo                  Gen Studies: Nursing

Kalisha Gilchrist                  Gen Studies: Practical Nursing

Melissa Grant                      Medical Billing Cert

Ana Guzman                       General Studies

Renee Hashem                   Practical Nursing (PN)

Joseph Hickey                     Criminal Justice

Alan Hogan                                                               Gen Studies: Nursing

Christina Jenne                  LA: Psychology

Faith Kaliba                                                               Gen Studies: Nursing

Costas Lambropoulos        Laboratory Science

Angela Leung                     Accounting

Brett Lupa                             General Studies

Chyrisse Mayo                    Liberal Arts

Michael McCellon               Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Chantal McGovern             LA: Writing

Tammi McGrath                   Early Childhood Education

Sarah Melanson                 Liberal Arts

Lauren Miller                       General Studies

Donald Minion                    Gen Studies: Paramedic Degree

Kesnel Moise                       CIS: Information Technology

Robert Moschetti                 Liberal Arts

Mihaela Muntean               Gen Studies: Respiratory Care

Jade Nguyen                       Engineering Science

Jessica Novak                     General Studies: Visual Arts

Jennifer O’Brien                  General Studies

Jose Ortiz                             LA: Theater

Cheryl Palmacci                  Gen Studies: Nursing

Carla Paquette                    Early Childhood Education

Antonia Phillips-Wilson     Gen Studies: Paramedic

Ingrid Polanco                     Bus Mgt: Computer Applications

Matthew Rand                     LA: Journalism/Communication

Charles Reid III                   Computer Applications Cert

Luis Rozon                          Business Transfer

Adam Ryan                          Gen Studies: Paramedic

Linda Savage                      Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Oswald Soko                       Gen Studies: Practical Nursing

Donna Marie Stack             Medical Transcription Cert

Madelaine Thompson        Alcohol Drug Abuse Counseling

Patricia Trask                       EKG Technician Certificate

Tyrone Turrell                      Graphic Design

Jane Vincent                       EKG Technician Certificate

Danetza Yachachin           LA: Biology

Lawrence                                   MA

Jaime Almonte                    Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Mario Almonte                     CIS: Information Technology

Eden Alvarez                       Liberal Arts

Hector Andujar                    Accounting

Wilfredo Andujar                 Business Management

Neylin Anziani                    Medical Billing Cert

Hector Arce                          Bus Mgt: Healthcare Practice

Ynesbely Asuncion            Accounting

Rafael Belen Garcia           Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Louise Berry                        Accounting

Jessica Bragel                     Gen Studies: Nursing

Dayanna Cabrera               Bus Mgt: Hospitality Option

Frankie Cabrera                  LA: Biology

Ivanna Capellan                 Criminal Justice

Rocelia Caraballo               LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

Vivian Caraballo                 Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Ian Carraher                        Electronic Technology

Salvatore Caruso                Engineering Science

Stephanie Castellanos      Bus Mgt: Hospitality Cert

Yetsenia Castillo                 Business Management

Karen Cataldo                     Phlebotomy Technician Cert

Christian Centeno              General Studies

Jessica Colmenares           Electronic Technology

Melissa Cruz                        Liberal Arts

Dawn Daneau                     General Studies

An Dang                               Engineering Science

Huan Dang                          General Studies

Maria DeLosSantos            General Studies

Michael Drouin                   Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Johanny Dume                   Paralegal Career

Carolina Espaillat               General Studies: Visual Arts

Carthy Fabre                        Gen Studies: Nursing

Michelle Faia                       Business Transfer

Nereida Fernandez            CIS: Information Technology

David Fortune                     General Studies

Britany Frazier                     Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Jason Gilbert                       Business Management

Maxima Gonzalez               Business Management

Yohanna Gonzalez            Gen Studies: Nursing

Lindsey Grasso                   Practical Nursing (PN)

Jennifer Griffin                    LA: International Relations

Dominga Houlihan             Gen Studies: Human Services

Melissa Janowski               Gen Studies: Nursing

Nancy Kamau                     Gen Studies: Nursing

Moony Ke                             General Studies

Tamara LaPosta                  Bus Mgt: Hospitality Option

Adelaida Marte                    Gen Studies: Nursing

Anitza Martinez                   General Studies

Roger Matos                        Engineering Science

Ana Medina                                                               General Studies

Dorca Mercedes                  Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Jhordan Mercedes              CIS: Applications Option

Irene Monroy                       Business Transfer

Raghed Nakkoul                 Paralegal Transfer

Nga Nguyen                        General Studies

Rebekah Nichols                Gen Studies: Practical Nursing

Dahiara Nunez                   Gen Studies: Nursing

Alba Ortega                          Business Transfer

Mayra Paulino                     Gen Studies: Dental Assisting

Lewdin Perez                      Criminal Justice

Jasmine Polanco                Gen Studies: Nursing

Kamille Ramos                    Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Milkessa Recio                    LA: Psychology

Haley Ritchie                       General Studies

Lucia Rondon                     LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

Airony Santana                   Alcohol Drug Abuse Counseling

Angelita Seda                      Gen Studies: Nursing

Thetkesokun Sem              General Studies

Rafael Soto                          Bus Mgt: Computer Applications

Carla Tavarez                      Gen Studies: Nursing

Ednilda Torres                     General Studies

May Torres                           Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Julia Urbaez                        Radiologic Technology

Kiara Vega                           Medical Assistant (Eve)

Leominster                                MA

Wendy Letchworth             Gen Studies: Nursing

Lowell                                         MA

Andrea Bettencourt            Practical Nursing (PN)

Eduardo Centeno               Liberal Arts

Adedayo Ogunnaike          Business Transfer

Marie Wright                        Gen Studies: Practical Nursing

Merrimac                                   MA

Samantha Case                  Liberal Arts

Cecilly Deorocki                  LA: Psychology

Tayber Gadd                        Web Page Design & Development

Aileen Kelly                                                               Paralegal Certificate

Courtney Kilbride                Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Erica Moscone                    Liberal Arts

Ivory Unitt                             LA: Psychology

Methuen                                     MA

Tammy Barnes                    Accounting

Jamaira Battiata                  LA: Biology

Mark Berube                        CIS: Information Technology

Sharon Black                       Paralegal Career

Kristina Bourque                 Business Transfer

Kimberly Bradley                 Gen Studies: Nursing

Tara Brooks                          Business Management

Kevin Buck                          Business Transfer

Maimuna Chiocca              Gen Studies: Sleep Technologst

Natalie Clancy                     Accounting

Corey Coonradt                   Bus Mgt: Hospitality Option

Massiel Correa                    Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Maureen Daigle                  Medical Billing Cert

Christina DaRocha            Business Management

Julie DeGregorio                 LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

Lori Dutch                            EKG Technician Certificate

Joyce Elghoul                     LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

George Flibotte                    Business Management

Elizabeth Foley                   Business Transfer

Michelle-Lacy Ford             Business Transfer

Andrys Garcia                      Business Management

Brandon Geisler                  CIS: Information Technology

Leslie Griffith                       Law Enforcement Cert

Betty Guerrero                     Criminal Justice

Anna Heisler-Hargreaves Phlebotomy Technician Cert

Rosemarie Kovacs             General Studies

Steven Kuzlotsky                Bus Mgt: Healthcare Practice

David LaPlume                   Gen Studies: Human Services

Anyssa Matatall                   General Studies

Christopher Matatall           Criminal Justice

Jacqueline Minaya             Gen Studies: Nursing

Chanel Moreau                   Criminal Justice

Maritza Nigaglioni               Business Management

Jennifer Nunez                   Phlebotomy Technician Cert

Frank Ortiz                           Business Management

Shabana Riaz                     Gen Studies: Nursing

Micheline Saghbiny-Ramy                                     Elementary Education

Amanda Samra                   Human Services

Hasna Sanane                    Bus Mgt: Healthcare Practice

Jennifer Sanchez               Gen Studies: Nursing

Damaris Santana                Law Enforcement Cert

Danielle Scott                      Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Kristina Stoddard                General Studies

Mark Stoddard                     Computer Applications Cert

Jolie Tulley                           General Studies

Viver Wanguthi                   Gen Studies: Respiratory Care

James Will                            Business Transfer

Michael Wolfinger              Engineering Science

Shuxin Zhang                     Accounting

Newbury                                    MA

Robert McCarthy                 Alcohol Drug Abuse Counseling

Newburyport                              MA

Willard Berthold                  Gen Studies: Paramedic

Alexander Case                  Liberal Arts

Bianca Hay                          LA: Psychology

Hannah Matsubara            Liberal Arts

Andrea Middleton               Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Alicia Nelson                       Gen Studies: Nursing

North Andover                          MA

Natalie Ballard                     General Studies

Alicia Darnell                       Phlebotomy Technician Cert

Megan Glavin                      Elementary Education

Habibatu Kamara                Gen Studies: Nursing

Zacharia Kinyanjui             Gen Studies: Nursing

Jeffrey Leckel                      Bus Mgt: Computer Applications

Elizabeth Paquette             General Studies

Daniel Perry                         Graphic Design

Rebecca Salib                     Bus Mgt: Healthcare Practice

Andrew Sarsfield                Business Management

Sarah Tomasz                     Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Eva Yau                                Liberal Arts

Jeremy Young                     Business Management

Kim Zysk                               General Studies

North Reading                          MA

JessieWade                                                               LA: Journalism/Communication

Peabody                                    MA

Daniel McDonough            General Studies: Music Option

Revere                                       MA

Samira Faleh                       Gen Studies: Practical Nursing

Alberto Peralta                     Laboratory Science

Rowley                                       MA

Jonathan Daley                  Gen Studies: Sleep Technologst

Etcherline Duverseau        Phlebotomy Technician Cert

Katelyn Emmith                   LA: Psychology

Richard Morin                      CIS: Information Technology

Stephen Williams               LA: Writing

Cheryl Willmonton              Early Childhood Education

Salisbury                                   MA

Kimberly Adams                  Gen Studies: Human Services

Kelly Cronin                                                               LA: Psychology

Debra Fanaras                    Practical Nursing (PN)

Mary Gioia                            LA: Psychology

Alex Kim                               LA: Psychology

Brett Lundy                          CIS: Information Technology

Victoria Miles                       Community Support Human Svs

Ryan Murphy                       Business Transfer

Lisa Nadeau                        Phlebotomy Technician Cert

Herbert Pearson                  Human Services

Renee Pearson                   Accounting

Somerville                                 MA

Nicholas Cochrane            Business Management

South Hamilton                        MA

Lucky Okojie                        LA: Biology

Tewksbury                                 MA

Patricia Ferrari                     Elementary Education

Jill Waters                             Gen Studies: Human Services

West Boxford                            MA

Rebecca Bonny                  General Studies: Music Option

West Newbury                          MA

Kymberly Codair                 Business Management

Hillary Foster                       General Studies

Shannon Sheltra                Respiratory Care

Woburn                                      MA

Ryan DiFranza                    Paramedic Technology Cert

Skowhegan                               ME

John Jordan                        Paralegal Certificate

Atkinson                                     NH

Emily Antanavich               Illustration

Jason King                           Paralegal Transfer

Amy Naudzunas                 LA: Psychology

Patrick Packard                   Business Management

Chester                                      NH

Jesse Gerry                          Bus Mgt: Healthcare Practice

Danville                                     NH

Erica McManus                   Paralegal Transfer

Derry                                          NH

Diane Croteau                     Criminal Justice

James Daley                        LA: Writing

Mary DeJesus                     General Studies

Christina Desjardins          Medical Assistant (Eve)

Eric Riopelle                        CIS: Information Technology

Sarina Santitto                    General Studies

Vicki True                             Business Management

MaryEllen Volk                    CIS: Information Technology

East Hampstead                      NH

Anthony Frasca                  Gen Studies: Paralegal

East Kingston                           NH

Julie Ostopchuk                  Criminal Justice

Epping                                       NH

Danielle Field                      Early Childhood Education

Zachary Simon                    Illustration

Exeter                                         NH

Kayleigh Greaney               LA: Psychology

Melanie Jenkins                 Gen Studies: Deaf Studies

Fremont                                     NH

Theresa Case                      Radiologic Technology

Hampstead                               NH

Christopher McMullen       LA: Journalism/Communication

Jessica Wein                       Early Childhood Education

Hampton                                    NH

Matthew Appleton               Liberal Arts

William Darling                    EKG Technician Certificate

Stephanie Giannelli           Medical Assistant (Day)

Natasha Sanborn               Liberal Arts

Hudson                                      NH

Joseph Morgan                   Liberal Arts

Laura Morgan                      Liberal Arts

Keene                                        NH

Colin Batty                           LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

Kensington                                NH

Christopher Burke              Engineering Science

Kingston                                    NH

Joshua DiBurro                   Business Transfer

Lizeth Menard                     Business Management

Londonderry                              NH

Anthony Curreri                  Gen Studies: Respiratory Care

Candis Domingue              LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

Thomas Green                    CIS: Information Technology

Richard Theriault                Bus Mgt: Computer Applications

Nashua                                      NH

Marguerite Girouard           Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Newfields                                   NH

Regina Colson                    Business Management

Jenna Conner                     LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

Newmarket                                NH

Debra Leonard                    Criminal Justice

Newton                                       NH

Elaina Desmarais               General Studies

Anthony Murphy                 Business Management

Katherine Scott                   LA: Psychology

Kimberly Surette                 General Studies

Newton Junction                       NH

Derek Scott                          Business Transfer

Pelham                                      NH

Taryn Donnelly                   General Studies

Plaistow                                     NH

Thomas Geary                     Liberal Arts

Danielle McKenna             Bus Mgt: Healthcare Practice

Jason Noonan                    Engineering Science

Elizabeth Orban                  General Studies: Visual Arts

Rochester                                  NH

Kelly DeGraffenried           Laboratory Science

Salem                                        NH

Richard Christenson          LA: Middle/HS Teaching Option

Stephen Daigle                   Graphic Design

Joshua Danley                    Gen Studies: Paramedic

Neale Dunn                                                               Gen Studies: Deaf Studies

Sebastian Gaglione           LA: Psychology

Doris Hennessey                Human Services

Ronald Hoegen                  Gen Studies: Nursing

Ashley Mason                     Gen Studies: Nursing

Karen Miranowicz               Accounting

Megan Poumakis                General Studies

Michael Salem                    CIS: Information Technology

Jeffrey Santoro                    General Studies

Nicole Scanlon                   Gen Studies: Medical Assistant

Sandown                                   NH

Stephany Davis                  Early Childhood Education

Katie Miller                           Gen Studies: Radiologic Tech

Seabrook                                   NH

Molly Bagley                        General Studies

Derek Stewart                      Liberal Arts

Somersworth                             NH

Eliza Stuart                          Liberal Arts