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Dr. Jorge Santiago

Faces of NECC Dr. Jorge Santiago

Dr. Santiago has traveled from the streets of New York to the halls of academia and along the way, drawing deeply on his Hispanic roots, he has authored numerous articles focusing on Hispanic culture.

Born and raised in the tenements and housing projects of New York City’s lower East Side, Dr. Santiago attended New York City’s public schools.

One of 12 children, Dr. Santiago was surrounded by drug abuse and crime as a child. His love of reading and inquisitive nature helped him to do well in school and his high school mentors—he calls them “some of the best”—led him to the University of Vermont after graduation.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, he went on to earn both a master’s and doctoral degree in applied community sociology from Boston University.

He is proud to bring a unique viewpoint to the classroom and his research; one that has been shaped by both his upbringing and his education.

Dr. Santiago was recently one of several Hispanic educators to be recognized by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick for their contributions to educational excellence.

He teaches sociology at both the Haverhill and Lawrence campuses and is conducting multiple research projects on the Latino community and its students for the college.

The goal of his research is to identify cultural gaps that hinder college completion rates among male Latino students and to identify teaching models that will help address those gaps.