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Tom Greene

Tom Green, English FacultyAre vampire stories like the “Twilight” series and HBO’s “True Blood” a passing fad or a staple of pop culture? NECC English Professor Tom Greene thinks they are here to stay.

As a doctoral student studying Victorian literature at UMass Amherst, Professor Greene was working on a thesis about men’s secret societies, when he discovered Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”

“Once you read ‘Dracula’,” he says, “it’s hard not to read everything else about vampires.

Professor Greene claims that vampire stories are timeless since they are so easily adapted to address the current fears of society.

“’Dracula’ was a lot about the fear of women having too much freedom. Anne Rice’s vampires were about the fear of people living on the fringes of modern society…I guess that makes “Twilight” about the fear of out-of-control teenagers.”

Professor Greene brings his passion for all literature including vampire literature into his English Composition I and II classrooms at NECC (he also teaches technical writing).

He believes it’s difficult to tell students how to write so he focuses instead on giving assignments that encourage students to develop their writing skills and grow confidence in their writing abilities. “I create assignments that are thought-provoking—even a little bit quirky—and then coach them through the process.”

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, and a Master’s of Fine Art in Creative Writing and a doctorate in English from UMass Amherst.

In his free time, he writes science fiction and leads ghost tours in Salem, MA.