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Jane Gagliardi

Jane Gagliardi was a human services professional long before she stepped into the classroom to teach.

So, with every lesson plan and every class, Professor Gagliardi brings 25 years of invaluable experience as an outpatient mental health therapist.

“Teaching was not my first career. I am a clinical social worker and worked as a therapist for nearly 25 years,” she says. “During that time, I worked with graduate students as a clinical supervisor and eventually became director of a practicum program, and assumed a teaching role in training seminars.”

Increasingly, she found she enjoyed her work with students. In September of 2002, she took her skills and experiences into the classroom and began teaching Human Services courses at Northern Essex.

“I usually think that my favorite (class) is the particular one I am teaching in any given semester,” she says enthusiastically.

She, herself, was a traditional college student; she explored different career paths before deciding to pursue a master’s in social work.

She says she finds the same level of excitement with social work and human services as she does with teaching.

“It is very gratifying to witness a student’s growth and development,” she says. “I engage my students by integrating ‘real life’ examples with the knowledge and skills we study. Teaching also offers me the opportunity for ongoing learning and stimulation; I learn from students and colleagues all the time.”