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Paul Chanley

Professor Paul Chanley admits to being a math enthusiast who eagerly shares that enthusiasm with his math students.

“I try to make it fun while bringing the value and discipline of math to everyday life,” he says. “It’s fantastic to see students solving challenging math problems, especially when they say, ‘I get it!’ ”
In addition to math, Professor Chanley teaches Engineering Science and Electronic Technology.

“Engineering Circuit Analysis I and II are two of my favorite courses to teach,” he says. “They emphasize the importance of integrating mathematics, science, and engineering for the success of the student. In many cases engineering science students see, for the first time in their educational career, how all three subjects work together.”

These disciplines have fascinated Professor Chanley since childhood. He remembers working with his dad trouble shooting a problem with the family’s big, old, clunky television and being mesmerized by the glowing tubes. Always adept with figures, he was charged at an early age with tallying the grocery receipt for accuracy. It was not unusual for a young Chanley to miss dinner because he was engrossed in a science experiment. Nor was it unusual for the experiment to go awry and for glass tubes to shatter and strange odors waft up into the kitchen.

That was when he learned to embrace mistakes.