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A Tale of Two Jeans

Jean Carlos, competing in the NECC 5K Fun Run, races towards the finish line.“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” This opening from Charles Dickens’ classic, A Tale of Two Cities, illustrates the two extremes of college. Either we’re passing or not. Either we graduate, move on, and help with our families’ struggles, or we stay stuck at a dead end job. Fortunately, life does not function in such a black and white manner, and the journey means more than the destination. In other words, you will remember the ups and downs of college more than the stage walk to receive your diploma.

Jean Carlos is the perfect example of a student who came to the Center without many study skills, but understood that college is a marathon and not a sprint. When he first came to the Center, he was failing most of his courses, but he did not get discouraged. He continued to come almost every day, did his homework, asked for help and kept active on campus. Slowly, Jean Carlos began to understand that engaging more with his studies (asking questions, going to tutoring, using study tools, building relationships) positively impacted his schoolwork. Jean Carlos never thought his life or career was in jeopardy just for failing a couple courses. He stayed positive and level-headed and maintained communication with his professors and advisors. In Spring 2013, Jean Carlos made the Dean’s List.