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Kristen Quinn

Kristen Quinn, Accounting Faculty.

An accounting degree, says Professor Kristen Quinn, can be used in any career that interests you.

Whether it is fashion, finance, fitness, or forensics, accounting has a place in all those fields, she says.

“Accounting is the language of business,” she says.

It’s a language she speaks fluently and shares with her students in Accounting I, II, Managerial Accounting, and Computerized Accounting.

With a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Assumption College and a master’s in accountancy from Suffolk University, Professor Quinn worked as a public accountant for several years before she began teaching at NECC five years ago.

“What is great about accounting is that no matter what field you are interested in, there is an accounting-related job,” she says. “All professions are looking for accountants.”

Accounting is currently a high demand field. That is good news, she says, noting that the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow 16 percent by 2020 representing nearly 200,000 new jobs. Accounting graduates from four-year programs, she notes, are enjoying an unprecedented level of demand from public accounting firms with a record 40,350 accounting graduates hired in 2012. NECC grads can transfer to a four-year program or enter the work force as a bookkeeper, accounting clerk, or auditing clerk.

Whatever their path, accounting students can expect a degree with holistic applications.

“I like that what I am teaching the students can apply to their everyday lives as well as the business world,” she says.

Accounting students receive a great educational foundation at NECC, she says.

Professor Quinn keeps her students engaged using group assignments as well as an interactive homework manager.

While accountants must enjoy working with numbers, there are other skills needed too, she says.

“In order to succeed in the accounting field an individual must possess three key qualities,” she says.” The individual must be professional, hardworking, and a good communicator.”