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A Road to Professional Excellence

Spring 2014

Jessica Castillo started her college career like many NECC students, taking non-college courses in order to develop the skills needed to successfully complete an Associate’s degree and further. At the Center, Jessica received guidance to help balance work and school and maintain the motivation necessary to achieve academic and professional goals.

Along with schoolwork help, Jessica took advantage of the Center’s career services which include resume writing, interviewing skills, time management and much more. At one time, Jessica was working three jobs and attending school full-time. She was not happy with her hours and the lack of time she had to dedicate to her coursework. As a result, a once straight-A student, Jessica was struggling to complete her first semester of ALL college-level classes. With the help of the Center, she was able to eliminate 2 jobs while asking for a raise in the other position. This allowed more time for college without making a huge sacrifice on finances.

Happy with her experience, Jessica returned to the Center when she was called for an interview for a management position in healthcare. SSC staff spent a few hours prepping Jessica for the interviews. Naturally nervous, she reviewed and practiced interviewing skills to alleviate the tension. Jessica returned a few weeks later announcing that she was hired as Office Manager at Dental Dreams in Lawrence.