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Career Services: NECC Link

Spring 2014

NECC Career Services has a new website available to all students, alumni, local businesses and non-profit organizations. We spoke with Ashley Bragger, Staff Associate at NECC Career Connections who is the contact person for this initiative. Ashley shared with us the importance of this new site and what it will mean to the NECC community.

What is NECClink? This website is a one-stop career service hub that provides students with résumé building and cover letter writing tools, jobs and internships searching abilities, registration for career and academic workshops, and career exploration links. It is a great place for our students to start getting familiar with the online job searching, resume posting and online application process that is commonly used in today’s job market. If students want to learn about different careers, that’s only a button click away with NECClink.

All students are highly encouraged to create a NECClink account. Creating an account is a simple process, although it does ask for students’ personal information, such as home address, phone number, major, and expected graduation date. It’s important that this information is completed thoroughly as it will be used to match students to jobs and internships that are available in NECClink. Local businesses and community organizations may post jobs in NECClink, and jobs will be recommended based on the student’s profile. Students may apply to these jobs right on NECClink and may use résumés that they create right on the site or that they have uploaded to their profile.