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Macelly Sanchez – Alumni Success


Single Mom Finds Successful Career in Dental Field

When Macelly Sanchez graduated from Greater Lawrence Technical School 10 years ago, she was thrilled to land a great paying job in the electronics field.

Life was going well-she was making good money in a job she really liked, but then the electronics industry took a downturn.

After facing layoffs, Macelly knew she had to find a more stable career. As a single parent, she wanted to be sure she could support herself and her infant son.

A friend encouraged her to explore the dental field and when Macelly learned that Northern Essex offered a dental assisting program right down the street from her Lawrence home, she enrolled.

With the help of her mother, who cared for her son while she studied evenings at a local café, Macelly earned an impressive 3.97 grade point average in the program.

“It was definitely tough,” admits Macelly. “I had been out of school for so many years and the program was hard.”

For Macelly, the hard work was all worth it. During her second semester in the program, she landed a practicum with Dr. Grzejka, an oral surgeon in Methuen. That experience led to a full-time job offer when she graduated in May. She passed her boards in July and is now a nationally certified dental assistant.

Macelly loves what she’s doing, especially assisting with the more challenging dental surgery, and now that she’s had a taste of higher education she plans to continue her studies.