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Year Three Project Highlights

October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014

Career Planning and Advising Center CPAC – Lawrence

  • CPAC Lawrence worked with 1286 not previously served unduplicated Hispanic students.
  • Implementation of Degree Works continued; at the end of the grant period 72.5% Hispanic students enrolled on the Lawrence campus had academic plans developed for them, an increase from 59.4% during the previous year.
  • Financial Aid Workshops were integrated into New Student Orientation, College Success Seminars, and campus & community settings, with 58 sessions offered from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014.

Student Success Center (SSC) Lawrence

  • The Student Success Center served 602 students during the second year of the grant. Programs & services included: Early Alert, Allied Health Mentoring, Career Counseling, Social Services Counseling, STEM Exploration, Supplemental Instruction & Tutoring and a Summer Bridge Program.
  • The Student Success Center continued collaboration with the College Success Seminar (CSS) faculty, creating “Be your Own Success Coach in the Classroom: The Student Success Handbook” to share information on successful tools, strategies and resources. CSS faculty continued work as Success Coaches. A total of 676 CSS students completed the College Student Inventory (CSI).
  • In 2013-14 the Early Alert pilot increased dramatically. In fall 2013 our DEAC cohort included 1121 students. Overall, in fall 2013 course completion(60.9) and retention rates (78.6) were higher for Hispanic students who were flagged and used the Student Success Center services when compared with Hispanics not using services (53.4%.CCR and 59.3% retention). In spring 2014 Hispanic service users had a CCR of 37.6% VS 37.4% for non-users. Retention numbers were also higher, 53.5% for Hispanic service users VS 51.9% for non-users.
  • Two hundred and eighty six (286) students attended 46 seminars and labs through the STEM Exploration Program.
  • Forty-eight (64) students were referred to the Allied Health Mentoring Program.
  • SSC staff accompanied 17 Latino students to the National Dominican Student Conference held at Harvard University in Massachusetts, a weekend long event designed to build social and academic support networks among students.
  • Fourteen (14) Latino freshman students attended a 2 week Summer Bridge Program in August 2014. The program includes English & Math classes as well as workshops focused on Financial Literacy, Student Engagement, Stress Management, Study, Note and Test Taking Skills. NECC students and alumni visited with students providing insight about their college experience. Students read Sergio Troncoso’s book Crossing Borders: Personal Essays as part of their English Skills program.  During a short visit the author discussed his book and joined students for lunch at Café Azteca. Eight students from this group were part of the Dean’s List in fall 2014!