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Congratulations to Our Soldiers

Jean Carlos Gomez, NECC Student in Soldier Uniform

Jean Carlos Gomez

Our students at the Student Success Center continue to develop into professional young men and women with life goals and values. At the Center, they are constantly encouraged to find employment (paid or volunteer) that is related to their studies and the work they hope to do once they complete the necessary education. Doing so, you connect your classroom experience with your possible career, which helps you better understand your school work as well as making you a better candidate for the job.


Two NECC students have made major life decisions to set them apart from others: Jean Carlos Gomez and Nicole Diaz. Jean Carlos joined the Army National Guard last year and completed boot camp and infantry training this past summer. Due to his college credits, he was promoted to Private 2nd Class and was one of the top soldiers of his class. Nicole is currently at boot camp and will complete her training in Logistics this spring. Jean Carlos, Nicole, and other students who have taken similar steps have positioned themselves in unique situations that will help establish better employment options. For more information, please visit us at the Student Success Center.

Nicole Diaz, NECC student in soldier uniform

Nicole Diaz