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International Credit and Transcript Evaluation Special Event

Immigrants are invited to have high school diplomas or college credits from other countries evaluated 

NECC" El Hefni Building

This Event will take place at NECC’s Dr. Ibrahim El-Hefni Allied Health & Technology Center in Lawrence located on 414 Common Street.

Bring your high school diploma, college degrees and or transcripts from another country to the event to begin the evaluation process. If the documents are in Spanish, Portuguese or French, they do not need to be notarized or translated to English. Staff will be on hand to assist with questions.

Additional opportunities at the Event:

  • Representatives from the Center for Educational Documentation (CED) of Boston will give a short presentation, explaining their evaluation process.
  • Daniel Richer, NECC’s director of admissions, will discuss opportunities available at NECC, including PIÉS Latinos at NECC, a new initiative created to increase higher education attainment among immigrants living in Greater Lawrence and beyond.


General evaluations are $80 and a course by course evaluation is $130.

Date and Time

June 20, 2016 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm


NECC’s Lawrence Campus
El-Hefni Allied Health & Technology Center
414 Common Street

Map and Directions

More Information

This event kicks off NECC’s partnership with CED.  In the future, students educated abroad will be able to submit transcripts at the NECC Career Planning and Advising Center (CPAC), also located in the El-Hefni Allied Health & Technology Center, 414 Common St., Lawrence.

PIÉS Latinos de NECC was created to increase higher education attainment among Latino immigrants living in Greater Lawrence.  PIÉS will focus on helping immigrants validate and transfer foreign credits to NECC and other colleges in Massachusetts and validate their foreign degrees with job training.  PIÉS will also provide support for Latinos outside the U.S. interested in attending college in the U.S.

For more information and application forms, please contact Analuz Garcia at 978 738-7423, agarcia@necc.mass.edu, or Hilce Cassanelli at 978 738-7402, hcassanelli@necc.mass.edu.