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Looking Forward

The Coordinator is excited about the upcoming year. Currently, 16 events/workshops on civic engagement are scheduled for the 2016-2017 year across both campuses.  In addition, the Coordinator will be working the staff, faculty, students and the community to draft a Civic Engagement Vision statement and a Civic Action Plan for the college. 

Civic learning will be at the forefront this fall with the upcoming elections.  A 2016 Election Teach-In is being planned for the month of October.

Faculty will continue to be supported. The 4th Service-Learning Faculty Fellows will run in spring 2017. A fall faculty workshop on online service-learning is being planned in conjunction with the Instructional Technology and Online Learning Director.

The Coordinator plans to hire a work study student to assist with providing students with referrals for service opportunities, as well as to assist with voter registration.