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The Metrics of Civic Engagement

Pie chart graph for 2015-2016 NECC Civic Engagement, showing 56% Curricular and 44% Co-CurricularThe Coordinator organized and compiled survey data and records from the 2014-2015 year regarding civic engagement and service-learning efforts on campus. Based on this analysis, 349 students participated in civic engagement and service learning during the 2014-2015. 

A new, shorter survey was constructed and sent to faculty and staff who are known to engage students with the community at the end of each semester.  Based on the survey responses and service-learning records, 418 students participated in civic engagement in 2015-2016.

*Both years of data is incomplete due to the reliance on faculty and staff to self-report engagement of their students.  The numbers are duplicated as not all submissions of data included student ID numbers.  The Coordinator strives to improve data collection in the upcoming year.