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Reflection from an NECC Student

“The youth of our society especially needs to vote because they are our country’s future. The youth will be the ones living to see the effects of all the outcomes from voting now. The youth are the ones who are most affected by the issues and questions presented on the ballot. The youth, along with every other eligible voter needs to vote, not only to better her own future, but to respect others living in the country, those fighting for the country, and those who have died for the country.”

Kayleigh Hooper, NECC English Comp/Early College Student

A Collaborative Effort

The 2016 Election Teach-In was a truly campus-wide effort. Overall, it was largely supported by Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Programming, the Contemporary Affairs Club, the Global Studies Department, and NECC faculty, staff, and administration. In addition, both the Center for Professional Development and the NECC Library provided support for engaged faculty.

More Information

For more information on this report, please contact Janel D’Agata-Lynch, Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Coordinator at email: jdagatalynch@necc.mass.edu.