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Those Mysterious Existences: Art, Science, Lutherie, and the Classical Guitar

Popular Engineering, Guitar Workshop Returns

Professor Azaret with his guitar.

Professor Juan Oscar Azaret

This Popular Engineering, Guitar Workshop program will include performances of classical guitar works by Robert Ward, a professor at Northeastern University and Brookline Music School and concert guitarist. The focus will be on the music and how “beautiful and approachable music” is created on a classical guitar as well as how guitars are created. Partially constructed guitars will be available to show the anatomy of the instrument.

The second half of the night will be dedicated to examining sound. Specifically the science and engineering that creates the sound. Participants will be able to “see” sound through the use of a spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, and vibrating string lab set-ups in an interactive audio visual presentation.

This event is free and open to the public.

Date and Time

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
6:30 pm


Haverhill Campus
Hartleb Technology Center
100 Elliott Street


More Information

This presentation is funded, in part, through a new Academic Innovations Mini-Grant which was created by the college to encourage curriculum innovation.

We welcome requests for sign language interpreting and other access requests (i.e. Computer Aided Real Time (CART), food allergies, etc.). Please contact the host of this event for requests, questions or event information: Juan Oscar Azaret at joazaret@gmail.com