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Fee Descriptions


Tuition is based on where you officially reside. Tuition is assessed on total enrolled credits.

iHealth Credit Courses Fee

The iHealth programs at NECC are designed for students to be successful in a Health Profession career by providing a more convenient, efficient and supportive environment. All iHealth courses, both health-related and general education, use a mix of in-person and online instruction—minimizing the number of trips to campus. The students are introduced to this method of teaching through additional instruction, and are provided even more support through a dedicated coach/mentor who is committed to the success of every student.

Student Activity Fee

The student activity fee is charged to all credit courses, except for online courses.

Blackboard Access Fee

Blackboard access fee is charged to all online courses.

High Costs Course Fee

The high cost course fee, assessed on specific courses, is based on those that require a lab component, special equipment, technology, specialized software, or additional personnel, such as laboratory technicians or clinical coordinators, to support instruction. The three levels of fees that are assessed depend on the expenses involved in a course.

If an online or hybrid course is NOT on the high cost course list, then that course will be charged a Level 1 high cost course fee of $7 per credit. If the online or hybrid course is on the high cost course list, then the course will be charged the fee as it appears on the list. View the high cost course listing.

Facilities Fee

The facilities fee is a flat fee charged to all students, based upon the number of enrolled credits. This fee is necessary to help fund the vast technology changes and upgrades, and the backlog of facilities projects and operational needs.

Student Health Insurance Fee

Student health insurance coverage is a state requirement for all students enrolled in nine (9) or more credits hours. For insurance purpose, courses comprising the nine credits must be taken concurrently. Learn more about student health insurance.