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Dr. Maria Carles

has a lifelong fascination with the natural world and all living organisms. She shares this fascination with her students, hoping to awaken their own curiosity and interest in life sciences.

Kathy Hudson

Not only is medical assisting one of the fastest growing jobs in the country, says , program director of the NECC Medical Assistant Program, it often leads to another health care career like nursing or respiratory care.

Dr. Sheila Pierre

says she found the answers to life’s questions from studying sociology and says her NECC students can expect to do the same.

Jim Sullivan

believes everyone can conquer math and that strong math skills equals success.

Donna Tanner

Some of Dr. ’s best teachers have been little children.

Grace Young

doesn’t just want you to be successful at Northern Essex. She wants you to successfully transfer into a bachelor’s program, perhaps a master’s program, and finally a rewarding career.