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Jim Cahaly

With seven patents and 32 years in the engineering field, has a hands-on kind of knowledge that he easily shares with his engineering students.

Jennifer Fielding

Like the character in a good library book, NECC librarian Jenny Fielding is a resourceful detective; which is just what college students want in their campus librarian – even if they don’t know it.

Adrianna Holden-Gouveia

While other children were playing with toys, a young was playing with technology.

Ginger Hurajt

loves to read and wishes everyone else did too. To that end, she nurtures the reader in all her students.

Scott M. Joubert

Scott Joubert may teach tough courses in NECC’s Criminal Justice Program, but at heart he is really a “helper” teaching others to be “helpers”.

Scott Weber

believes it’s a privilege to serve as guardian of a patient’s healthcare records.