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Jill Becker

NECC’s is a nurse’s nurse –a practicing nurse for nearly 40 years she has been sharing her experiences and knowledge with nursing students for the last 25 years.

Jody Carson

When was nine, the budding educator taught preschool to her two younger siblings. Today, this NECC professor teaches others to teach preschool.

Dustin Rollins

Adjunct faculty member believes curiosity is the foundation of philosophy and philosophy is the foundation to a successful life.

Dr. Ethel Schuster

Twenty-six years after teaching her first basic computer course, is still teaching classes in the ever-evolving field of computer and information science

Magdalena Suarez-Shannon

Lessons in criminal justice came early to NECC Professor whose childhood soundtrack was of gunfire in the streets of her native Cuba.

Dr. Ken Thomas

If he isn’t on the water or in the water, then marine biologist and natural science professor is teaching about the water and its countless inhabitants.