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Juan Oscar Azaret

Students in ’s engineering physics and electronics classes can expect lessons from an accomplished engineer and an equally accomplished classical guitar builder and player, who likes to show the connection between the two disciplines.

Emily González

By the time Professor has finished applying cell structure to students’ lives, they are as interested in natural science is she is.

Laura Mondt

Sooner or later, NECC students faced with a research project realize they should probably get to know .

Ashley Moore

Students enroll at Northern Essex to receive an education. , director of career and experiential education, makes sure they find a career.

Dave Rattigan

As a professional comedian, can’t help but interject a bit of fun into his interpersonal communications and public speaking classes.

William “Jay” White, JD

After 22 years with the FBI, Jay White said it just seemed logical to pass along his knowledge and experience. Fortunately, Northern Essex criminal justice students are the lucky recipients.