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A very special memory captured!

Jodi Paris Anastos
Procurement Analyst
I have many memories of JFK, but what comes to mind is the cover of LIFE magazine which my cousin has framed in his law office. My cousin is a young boy with braces, and he’s there with JFK, when JFK was out in California.

These are the memories of a newly arrived immigrant.

Cristina Nuncio
Academic Advisor/Mentor – iHealth Programs
I was five years old and we had just moved to Chicago from Mexico. I was home with my mother because I had not yet started kindergarten. My mother’s friend, Gladys, came over and she was crying. My mother (and I) did not speak or understand English so Gladys informed […]

I have spent the last 50 years regretting that decision.

Sylvia Francescone
Adjunct Faculty, English
My memory of JFK goes back to his campaigning in Haverhill in 1958. I was in the 7th grade and my father, James G DiBurro, who was a Haverhill City Councilor and restaurant owner in Haverhill (DiBurro’s Restaurant located on Essex Street at that time in the heart of the shoe shops) […]

The conversation inevitably came up as to where they were when Kennedy was shot.

Nathan Gilbert
Director of Online Communications
JFK died years before I was born, but have always been struck by how his assassination is a cultural landmark. When my aunt and late uncle first started dating, the conversation inevitably came up as to where they were when Kennedy was shot. My uncle just about fell out of his […]

America was now in a deep, collective mourning.

John Donofrio
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
From my journal: Late in November 1963, JFK was assassinated and everyone’s world stopped for several days. People remembered where they were when they heard the news. I was in my barracks room when it was announced over the PA system. , collective mourning. JFK died on […]

We were all stunned and in a state of suspended animation.

Linda Desjardins
Professor, English
I was a high school sophomore in French class. Mr. Boucher, our instructor, was a no-nonsense kind of guy. The door burst open and Tom Gallagher, a senior, editor of the school newspaper, and a wisecracker par excellence shouted with urgency “Kennedy’s been shot.” Mr. Boucher immediately responded with “Gallagher, that’s in very […]