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Joining a Statewide Movement to Educate Our Students

In the summer of 2016, a small group of dedicated staff and faculty met to start outlining how NECC would join a statewide initiative to prepare our students to be informed and active voters in the upcoming election season.

Bringing the Election into the Classroom

More than 22 faculty members chose to take an aspect of the election as a focus of a lesson plan, assignment, or classroom discussion. The faculty spanned across all three academic divisions and included 9 academic departments.

NECC Library: Helping All of Us to Navigate Election Resources

The NECC Library joined the Teach-In by creating an online research guide to support the 2016 Election Teach-In. This wonderful resource had a wealth of information on relevant books, articles, and relevant, legitimate websites for students, faculty, staff, and the local community to access to support learning.  It includes links to registering to vote, major […]

Educating the Campus

Through a variety of events, students, faculty and staff were offered opportunities to learn more about the importance of civic engagement, the MA ballot questions, and the technology behind our voting system.  In an effort to better educate our community on the candidates, NECC held its Own Big “Presidential” Debate.  Faculty members Andrew Morse, Patricia […]

Getting out the Vote!

Voter registration was is in full swing from the beginning of classes.  There were 12 different voter registration events on campus.  NECC partnered with both the YMCA of Greater Lawrence and the Community College Voter Registration Initiative to help in this effort.  In addition, many campus office, faculty and staff helped to distribute voter registration […]

Commitment to Civic Engagement

During the 2015-2016 year, Northern Essex Community College made a stronger commitment to help prepare students for citizenship.  NECC hired its first Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Coordinator. Janel D’Agata-Lynch started in November of 2015. 
The Boston Globe and Merrimack Valley Magazine’s Noteworthy newsletter picked up the story from NECC. 
To help frame this work, the Advisory Board […]

Strengthening College & Community Connections

The Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Coordinator worked to create and strengthen relationships with non-profit community partners in both Haverhill and Lawrence. She met with 18 local community organizations, interested in partnering with NECC for service-learning and volunteerism.

In order to help students and faculty access these opportunities, the Coordinator, in collaboration Student Engagement, hosted a service-learning and volunteerism fair in the spring

The Metrics of Civic Engagement

The Coordinator organized and compiled survey data and records from the 2014-2015 year regarding civic engagement and service-learning efforts on campus. Based on this analysis, 349 students participated in civic engagement and service learning during the 2014-2015. 
A new, shorter survey was constructed and sent to faculty and staff who are known to engage students with […]

Supporting Faculty and Staff

The Coordinator met with 28 NECC faculty and staff members to better understand how her role intersects with theirs and offer support and collaboration, where appropriate.
In fall 2015, four Service-Learning Faculty Fellows implemented service-learning in classes.  In total, 13 service-learning courses were offered during 2015-2016, down from the previous year’s 17 courses.
In spring 2016, six […]

Congratulations to Our Soldiers

Jean Carlos Gomez
Our students at the Student Success Center continue to develop into professional young men and women with life goals and values. At the Center, they are constantly encouraged to find employment (paid or volunteer) that is related to their studies and the work they hope to do once they complete the necessary education. […]