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STEM College for Kids

STEM College for Kids is for students ages 9 – 14 (juniors 9 – 11 and seniors 12 – 14), and features three daily sessions of “courses” including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) while also including the Arts. Students can enroll in single course(s) for the morning (9-11 AM), mid-day (11:45-1:45 PM), and late afternoon (2-4:00 PM) sessions or they can register for a full-week(s).

College for Kids runs M-F from 9-4. Each morning (9-11 AM) and mid-day (11:45-1:45 PM) session costs $75.00 and the afternoon (2-4:00 PM) session costs $70.00. Enrollment for one full-week of classes costs $220. There is a non refundable $40 registration fee which will be waived if registration and payment is received prior to May 1.


  • Session 1: July 6 – July 10
  • Session 2: July 13 – July 17
  • Session 3: July 20 – July 24
  • Session 4: July 27 – July 31

For registration information, visit: Course Schedule and Registration form (PDF, new window).

IMPORTANT: In an effort to assist with the registration process, please scroll down this page to see if any of the courses description titles are marked as “FULL” so you will know in advance that a class no longer has seats available when registering your child(ren).

IMPORTANT: Registrations are on a first come, first served basis. Please note that, once a course reaches its maximum seat capacity of 20, we will contact you to inform you that your child will need to be enrolled in another course if one of the courses s/he selected is at full capacity. All classes are offered in English, so it is important that students enrolled in the program have a good understanding of speaking, reading and writing English. Por favor, las clases son sólo en Inglés, por lo que es importante que los estudiantes/hijos hablan Inglés.

Once a student is registered, a letter will be mailed out to all parents/guardians that will include details of the program, a Haverhill campus map and the student/child’s schedule.

For a listing of this Summer’s Course Offerings with Course Descriptions, scroll below:

3D Modeling for the Aspiring Engineer – FULL – no more seats available in Junior or Senior sections!

The job of the engineer is to take a concept, thought, or invention and make it a reality. Learn how to be a design engineer by using computer aided design (CAD) technology and apply a hands-on approach to build and explore machines and mechanisms.

Boys & Girls Basketball

Strengthen your basketball skills through drills, strength training, and scrimmages.

Bridge Building – FULL – no more seats available in Junior or Senior sections!

You will look at bridges which are incredible marvels of human engineering! You will design bridges and do some bridge calculations using West Point Bridge Design software to simulate construction. Activities will go outside the computer lab.


Learn how to create your own original cartoon!

Code & Scratch: Basic ProgrammingFULL – no more seats available in week four!

In this course, you’ll be introduced to fundamental programming concepts and learn how to create animations, computer games, and interactive projects using Scratch, a graphical programming language developed at MIT.


Explore the world of computers in a structured, educational environment. Students will create a PowerPoint on a subject of their choosing.

Crazy Chemistry

Believe it or not, chemistry can be fun with this hands-on program. Explore the principles of chemistry as students blow up a balloon and make raisins dance, make environmentally friendly cleaners and bath salts, fire off a rocket, and blow blobber up like a balloon to name a few!


Learn the basics of drawing to create anything you want and never have to say “I can’t draw” ever again.

Environmental Nature Crafts

Learn some plant botany and explore our natural living environment by taking an adventure walk outdoors to collect natural treasures to make a secret garden, stepping stone, gemstone jewelry and more!

FIT Math

How many calories will you burn doing 18 jumping jacks? Using math, algebra, and problem solving, you will learn about fitness and nutrition.

Flash Animation

Make your own stick figure movies! Create circle cartoons then learn simple animation features to get your graphic to move!

Floral Design

Work with flowers and learn basic skills in Floral Design. Have fun learning how to make corsages, fresh flower and dried arrangements. Transform your hobby to a real business! Learn how to market and sell your product.

Green Engineering

Learn basic solutions related to alternative energy and environmental issues. Wind? Solar? Hybrid cars? Learn principles behind crafting efficient wind-powered machines and discover how those machines can be used to help reduce the use of fossil fuels.


Develop your creative skills, learn all about growing plants and open your own Horticulture business! Have fun planting an indoor miniature garden under glass with your favorite theme, learn how to reproduce plants, make soap and plant an edible herb planter. Learn how to market and sell your product.

LEGO MindStorms – FULL – No more seats available in weeks one or three junior sessions!

With LEGO MindStorms, use your creativity, logic and problem-solving skills to construct and program robot models. Working in small groups, you’ll use LEGO parts, motors and sensors to build one or two different robot models and test your robot’s capability. Bring your imagination!

Music Technology

You bring your axe (axe meaning guitar) or small keyboard and you will learn how to make songs from the elements of music. You will learn about chords and progressions on instruments of our choice. Some basic to intermediate music notation will be introduced as needed for the student to express and retain their musical ideas. You will explore some technology tools – like Audacity – which allows the recording and saving of musical ideas as well. Expect to have some fun and learn some music!

Nature Photography

Use the outdoor classroom of nature as your subject material to learn the basics of your digital camera. Students need to provide their own digital camera.


Express your personal visions through painting. Learn the basic elements of color harmony while creating your masterpiece!

Singers & Songwriters

Learn to write your own lyrics, melodies, and harmony! Bring your vocal, guitar, or keyboard talents. Willingness to sing, work as a group, and passion are important to enjoy this class.


Learn to use computer-aided drafting to design simple architectural structures. Beginning with sheds, barns, homes, and then maybe something more challenging. Students should come with a drawing of their room or home as a stepping off point.

Spa Chemistry

In this class, you will spend a few days investigating product questions. What holds a curl? Which mascara is really waterproof? You’ll learn chemistry, physiology and the benefits of the various spa treatments. You will also gain a great understanding of the scientific properties of various spa products and the importance of product sales to the client to enhance their spa experience. Students will make their own lip balm, facial mask and even learn the elements of nail art.

T-shirt Design

Use fabric paint, tie dye, and batik to design your one of a kind creation. All students must bring five prewashed 100% cotton t-shirts to decorate.

Web Marketing Entrepreneurship

Have a great business idea? Come learn what it takes to start and run your own business. Students will learn all the steps – budgets, pricing of your product or service, and how to create a successful web design launch to your business. Students should come prepared with a Google email account.

For questions or more information, contact:

Christine DeRosa at cderosa@necc.mass.edu