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Students Talk About Their Experiences with Community Service

Community Service Volunteers

Community Service Volunteers

Rebuilding Together

“I had a great time today, it felt great to be able to help out Beth — I know that she and her neighbors were very thankful.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve others, it was great!”   ~ Christina Crapo

“I thought it was a fun and interesting learning experience. It was actually quite fascinating to see how we transformed a site full of leaves, trash, and branches, into a backyard. This was actually the first time I had volunteered, and it feels great to give back to the community, especially if you’re making others happy.  It was also fun to work as a team, and divide into specific areas, to get all the work done. I would definitely do it again! ~ Seneyda Morel

“Volunteering Saturday on 5th Avenue was a good opportunity to give back to the community, and to make new friends at the same time. I would do it again, as I felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.” ~ Ashley MacQuesten

“High praise from everyone for your students!  The kids, er, young adults did a great job at both sites!”  ~ Peter Carbone, Rebuilding Together, NECC Service Learning Advisory Board

“Thanks CJ– and thanks to all the student volunteers… everyone did an awesome job… the transformation at 5th Ave was amazing…” ~ Lynn Murphy, Rebuilding Together

Emmaus House

“My experience at Emmaus House was incredible..One of the kids asked me if I could come back to hang out with her, which I thought was cool.”

“I had been to a shelter years ago.what I had forgotten was that you get more than you give. I’ll be going back and not because it’s required.”

“I always wanted to do community service, but without the requirement, it was always easy to say, . later.”

“This experience put things in perspective that this could happen to anybody..This experience shows how hard life can be and the hurdles that these people have to overcome.”

“My experience at the shelter is something I won’t take for granted..now I’ll see these individuals as people like me, with feelings and emotions.”

“Going to this shelter was a great opportunity that I would recommend to anyone to take. It has expanded my horizons and made me think twice about my own life and the quality in which I live it.”

“Volunteering at Emmaus House was a wonderful experience. I was provided an incredible opportunity to learn more about homeless people, who are just like everyone else except that these women seemed more open-minded and more real. The women were awesome; the kids sweet.”

“I don’t think this is the last of my involvement at Emmaus..It gets under your skin and you feel you need to help somehow.”

“Each time I had the opportunity to volunteer at Emmaus House I got the feeling that the patience of the staff brought a calm assurance to the house. They were a supportive and stable source for the children.”

Buttonwoods, Haverhill

“I ended up going with my class to fix up the Buttonwoods in Haverhill and it was definitely an experience I will never forget. We got to paint the place and make new friends. We listened to music and all had a ton of fun and really connected. I would definitely do it again!!” ~ Theresa DeCosta

“I had a wonderful time at the Buttonwoods community service project. I really got to bond with classmates I might not have bonded with outside of class. It felt great and motivated me to do some extra community service over Spring break at the Lazarus House in Lawrence. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would like to thank CJ for the opportunity, and would gladly do it again.” ~ Carlos Olivera

“Volunteering for the Buttonwoods project was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. Not only was it for a great cause, but it allowed faculty and students to interact outside of the classroom. ~ Brandon Cote

“The experience was a lot of fun! To know that we were able to take part in improving a historical landmark for the City of Haverhill residents to enjoy was very rewarding.” ~ Kristen Lubeski