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CoOL Contact Information

Do you have questions, ideas for seminar topics, or want more information? Please contact:

Ben Coughlin
Email:  tedcoughlin@verizon.net

Email: coolnecc@gmail.com

You can also leave a voice message at 978-556-3110.

CoOL Seminar Proposal

Would you like to lead a future C.o.O.L. seminar?

If you would like to propose a seminar please contact Ben Coughlin at  tedcoughlin@verizon.net

Please Note: The seminar must have academic rigor, and should encourage the participants to do work outside of class times.  Mention if preparation is suggested before the first class, and list any texts or materials that are required.

Class Cancellations

To hear a recorded message for school closings call: 978-556-3002.