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Past Seminars

Spring 2014 Seminars

Fun Films — People’s Choice II - Leonard Douglas

From 42nd Street to Avenue Q – Gretchen Arntz   

In Search of Common Ground (Comparative Religion) – Ben Coughlin and Betty Lee    

Aging as a Spiritual Practice – Louise Elkaliouby and Barbara Keller   

Robert Frost in Lawrence and Derry – Bill Gleed   

Touring Local Parks and Tails – Rick Miller   

Music Maestro Please – Nancy Clark   

The Captivating Culture of China – Joanne Lovecchio and Susan Mansour-Taleb   

Personal Essay Writing – George Medelinskas   

A Journey through Ethnic Music and Dance – Arline Ferguson and Chuck Jones   

Science of the Times – Peter Spellman   

The Golden Age of Television – Judy Flieder  

The Hispanic Caribbean: Between Culture, Dictators, Colonies and Revolutions – Dr. Ligia Domenech   

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 Completed Seminars

Fun Films: People’s Choice - Leonard Douglas

Edible Wild Mushrooms for Beginners - Elizabeth Anderson

What’s Mine Is Mine or You Earned It, You Keep It – John Mack, Anita Purcell

Perennials Plus - Ruth Young

Remembering the 50′s -  Valerie Spicer

Meditation in Motion - George Medelinskas

In Search of Common Ground (Comparative Religion) - Ben Coughlin, Betty Lee

The Birds, The Bees, The Trees and the Environment -  Nancy Clark, Judy Flieder

Aging as a Spiritual Journey – George Medalinskas

Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 Completed Seminars

Revisiting the 60′s – Valerie Spicer

The Power of Art (Caravaggio, Bernini, Rembrandt, Van Gogh And More) – Jeanne Fonda

Effective Retiring – George Medelinskas

Relativity and Common Sense – Gus Rabson

Edible Wild Mushrooms – Liz Anderson

Fun Films ‘Tis The Season (The Political Season) – Leonard Douglas

Six Countries – Six Weeks – Nancy Clark

Memoir Writing – Priscilla Dullea

Geography And Geology Of The Lower Merrimack Valley – Peter Spellman and Joe Mcmanus

Gardening with Perennials – Ruth Young

The Lives of The Impressionists – Ginette Lemay

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – Ralph Galen

From the Small Screen to the Silver Screen – Leonard Douglas

Aging as a Spiritual Journey – George Medalinskas

Why is the Sky Blue? – Peter Jepson

Exotic Destinations – Greta Barresi