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SPRING 2014 Seminars

 1. Fun Films — People’s Choice II – Leonard Douglas

Class members will recommend Fun Films that they feel will entertain and/or educate with the goal of making life more interesting and enjoyable.  Be prepared to discuss the film afterwards.

 2.  From 42nd Street to Avenue Q — Gretchen Arntz

 The Broadway musical is a uniquely American art form.  This seminar will explore popular musicals dating from “Oklahoma” (1943) to the Book of Mormon (2012).  Participants will go “behind the scenes” to get the inside scoop and listen to great show tunes by Sondheim, Schwartz, Rogers and Hammerstein, Lloyd Webber and many others.

 3.  MiddleMarch: A Glimpse of Glory — Barbara Stachniewicz

Emily Dickinson once said: “What do I think of Middlemarch?  What do I think of glory?”  We will read George Eliot’s fabulous novel and, for a few weeks inhabit the Victorian world she creates.  Together, we will discuss the characters, themes and plot AND what they can show us about the way we live now.  You should have the book Middlemarch by George Eliot (Although any edition is fine, Penguin Classics is recommended).

 4.  In Search of Common Ground (Comparative Religion) — Ben Coughlin and Betty Lee

We will meet as lay men and women with no presumed background to explore the three great monotheistic Abrahamic religions–Christianity, Islam and Judaism in search of common ground without being judmental.  Students will research topics chosen by the class as time allows.

 5.  Aging as a Spiritual Practice — Louise Elkaliouby and Barbara Keller

Discover how aging can be a spiritual journey: a pathway helping you to embrace who you are, live more “in the moment”, and decide how you will enjoy the gift of your elder years.  Class discussion is based on short readings in the book Aging as a Spiritual Practice by Lewis Richmond.

 6.  Robert Frost in Lawrence and Derry –  Bill Gleed

This seminar will discuss Robert Frost’s peotry and how his poetic voice and outlook were refined and crafted between his years at Lawrence High School and his years in Derry.  It will take us to the time of his move to England and the publication of his first volume of poetry in 1913.  There will be a field trip to the Frost Farm.

 7.  Touring Local Parks and Tails — Rick Miller

Members will suggest local parks and/or trails to visit.  The group will meet at the site and one or more members will provide a short history prior to touring the park/trail.  All sites should be fairly local.  Participants will be notified of the initial site before the first class.

 8.  Music Maestro Please — Nancy Clark        

The music of the classical composers has enriched our lives for centuries and will continue to do so for generations to come.  Join me as we explore the lives and music of such greats as Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Bach and many more.   Class members will also choose composers to study as a group.

 9.  The Captivating Culture of China — Joanne Lovecchio and Susan Mansour-Taleb

Delight in the wonders that are China’s alone!  Explore the culture of China through the architecture of the Yin Yu Tang, home of the Yang family for eight generations and later moved to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA as a permanent exhibit.  Delve into the lives of the people, history, geography and beauty that is China.

10.  Personal Essay Writing — George Medelinskas

Personal essays may be the oldest form of non-fiction writing.  Join us as we explore (through both reading and writing) this wonderfully flexible and creative art that allows us to capture a bit of life by creating an enduring record of our better thoughts, be it memoir, contemplative, spiritual, humor, nature, travel etc.  You should have the book Crafting the Personal Essay by D. Moore.

11.  A Journey through Ethnic Music and Dance — Arline Ferguson and Chuck Jones

Trace basic ethnic dance rhythms and steps through different cultures of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  Experience new rhythms and harmonies along with their geographic connections.  Participants will be introduced to simple movements common at village gatherings.  For many this kind of dancing is an easy and enjoyable form of exercise.

12.  Science of the Times — Peter Spellman

Every day brings headlines of new discoveries from the various sciences.  In this seminar we will study in some depth what goes on behind those headlines.  Class members will choose topics that appeal to them, do research on the internet and present their findings to the class.

13.  The Golden Age of Television — Judy Flieder

Who were the pioneers of the small screen?  We will laugh, cry and love while we reminisce about the early stars and their shows.  Do you remember Uncle Miltie, Dave Garroway, “Name that Tune”,  ”Gunsmoke”?  We will see film clips of the comedies, dramas, quiz shows and much more.  Our research will help us learn more about the life and times of the preformers, and “Away we go”.

14.  The Hispanic Caribbean: Between Culture, Dictators, Colonies and Revolutions — Dr. Ligia Domenech

What is the Hispanic Caribbean?  Themes will include Identity of the Islands, Afro-Caribbean religions, Puerto Rico, the US Colonies, Dictators and others.  Participants will read materials provided to them and discuss the themes in class.  Visiual material/movies will help to explain the most important ideas. 


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