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Academic Department Directory


During the Spruck construction project, which is scheduled June 2016-August 2017, several departments and services will be relocated to other locations. You can view the updated Department Relocations list here.

For current office locations for faculty and staff, please do a search using the employee directory.


Academic Departments and Contact Information
Departments and Programs Contact Person Phone Email
Academic Preparation James Sullivan 978-556-3531 jsullivan@necc.mass.edu
Academic Preparation: College Success Seminar Clare Thompson- Ostrander 978-556-3510 cthompson@necc.mass.edu
Academic Preparation: ESL Amy Cameron 978-665-5815 acameron@necc.mass.edu
Academic Preparation: Math Linda Murphy 978-556-3848 lmurphy@necc.mass.edu
Academic Preparation: Writing Joanna Fortna 978-556-3406 jfortna@necc.mass.edu
Academic Preparation: Reading Patricia Schade 978-556-3414 pschade@necc.mass.edu
Ambulatory Services (including Bus.Mgmt: Healthcare Practice, Gen. Studies: Health Specialization, Medical Assisting, Medical Office Assistant) Kathy Welch Hudson 978-655-5874 khudson@necc.mass.edu
Behavioral Sciences Peter Flynn 978-556-3363 pflynn@necc.mass.edu
Business (including Accounting Program) Pat Morrow 978-556-3556 pmorow@necc.mass.edu
Clinical Laboratory Sciences (Including Healthcare Technician, Medical Lab Science) Stacy Ayotte 978-665-5938 sayotte@necc.mass.edu
Computer & Information Science Russ Gouveia 978-556-3871 rgouveia@necc.mass.edu
Criminal Justice Paul Cavan 978-738-7551 pcavan@necc.mass.edu
Deaf Studies Luce Aubry 978-556-3662 laubry@necc.mass.edu
Dental Assisting Kerin Hamidiani 978-738-7427 khamidiani@necc.mass.edu
Early Childhood Education Gail Feigenbaum 978-556-3831 gfeigenbaum@necc.mass.edu
Elementary Education Euthemia Gilman 978-556-3882 egilman@necc.mass.edu
EMT-Paramedics Scott Lancaster 978-655-5896 slancaster@necc.mass.edu
Engineering/Electronics Technology Paul Chanley 978-556-3502 pchanley@necc.mass.edu
English Steve Mathis 978-556-3392 smathis@necc.mass.edu
General Studies, Art Trish Kidney 978-556-3389 pkidney@necc.mass.edu
General Studies: Movement Science Rob Parker 978-556-3823 rparker@necc.mass.edu
Global Studies (including Foreign Language) Stephen Slaner 978-556-3528 sslaner@necc.mass.edu
Health Information Technology (Including Electronic Health Records, Medical Billing, Medical Coding Linda Comeau 978-738-7610 lcomeau@necc.mass.edu
Human Services Brian MacKenna-Rice 978-556-3331 bmackennarice@necc.mass.edu
Journalism/Communication Amy Callahan 978-556-3397 acallahan@necc.mass.edu
Laboratory Sciences Marguerite White-Jeanneau 978-556-3345 mwhitejeanneau@necc.mass.edu
Mathematics Habib Maagoul 978-556-3344 hmaagoul@necc.mass.edu
Medical Imaging Services (including Computed Tomography, Radiologic Technology) Angela Bowers 978-738-7216 abowers@necc.mass.edu
Natural Sciences Michael Cross 978-556-3362 mcross@necc.mass.edu
Nursing Lori Johnson 978-655-5931 Ljohnson1@necc.mass.edu
Ophthalmic Assistant Linda Comeau 978-738-7610 lcomeau@necc.mass.edu
Paralegal Studies Judith Ciampi 978-738-7409 jciampi@necc.mass.edu
Performing Arts (including Dance, Music, Theatre) Michelle Deane 978-556-3597 mdeane@necc.mass.edu
Sleep Technology John Murray 978-655-5892 jmurray@necc.mass.edu
Respiratory Care Jennifer Jackson-Stevens 978-655-5893 jjacksonstevens@necc.mass.edu