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Exceptions to the Refund Policy

Institutional Refund Policy

The Institutional Refund Policy for credit courses at NECC allows a 100% refund of tuition and fees for courses dropped within a specific range of dates governed by the start date of each course. After the end of each 100% refund period, no other refunds will be granted. These dates are posted every semester on the NECC website, and will vary from semester to semester.

Guidelines for Petitions for Exception to the Institutional Refund Policy

  • Students who have extenuating circumstances that prohibited class attendance, may fill out a Petition for Exception to the Refund Policy which is available through the Office of the Bursar (Student Accounts: 978.556.3900.)
  • Students receiving financial aid should speak with a Financial Aid Counselor before submitting the petition as its approval could affect current and future financial aid awards.
  • Requests for refunds will NOT be considered for classes in which the student received a grade.
  • The student must officially withdraw or be administratively withdrawn from classes before a petition is submitted.

If approved, a credit will be applied to the student’s account which will be pro-rated based on latest the date of official withdrawal from the class schedule based on the following chart.

Refund Proration Schedule for Exceptions to the Institutional Refund Policy

Fall and Spring Terms

Week 2: 90%
Week 3: 80%
Week 4: 70%
Week 5: 60%
Week 6: 50%
Week 7: 40%
Week 8: 30%
Week 9: 20%

Thereafter: No Refund

Summer Terms

Five-Week Classes

Week 2: 50%
Week 3: 25%
Thereafter:  No Refund

Eleven-Week Classes

Week 2: 80%
Week 3: 60%
Week 4: 40%
Week 5: 20%
Thereafter: No Refund

Eight-Week Classes

Week 2: 75%
Week 3: 50%
Week 4: 25%
Thereafter: No Refund

If the official withdrawal date is beyond the Refund Schedule for Exceptions date which will allow for a refund, the accompanying documentation must state specifically the date when the student became incapacitated; in this instance, the date of incapacitation will be used instead of the official withdrawal date to compute the refund, assuming that the documented date falls within the refund period.

CAVEAT:  Petitions are not accepted after an account has been referred for collections unless the student can provide proof of change of address that precluded the student from receiving ANY of the mail communications regarding his debt that were issued by the College and the collection agency.

Examples of Acceptable Extenuating Circumstances

  • Illness or injury of a nature that significantly impacted the ability to continue attending class
  • Illness or injury of an immediate family member  where the student is the primary care giver
  • Death of an immediate family member (Spouse/partner, parent, child, grandchild, sibling, grandparent)
  • Military deployment/call to active duty
  • Required, involuntary employment schedule changes

Examples of Unacceptable Extenuating Circumstances

  • Lack of awareness of NECC’s refund/withdrawal policy and/or deadlines, all of which are published online at www.necc.mass.edu and provided along with student invoices
  • Failure to attend class and neglect to officially drop/withdraw from the College
  • Choice to attend another institution
  • Personal/family concerns that impose on study/class time
  • Loss of transportation to/from class
  • Lack of technical resources (hardware/software)

Required Documentation

  • Letter from a licensed health care provider written on the provider’s letterhead containing the following information:
    • The general nature of the medical condition that prevented the student from attending class.
    • The approximate date of onset of the medical condition giving rise to the request, and the dates through which the condition continued.
    • The date on which it is anticipated that the student will be able to resume attending class.
  • Copy of death certificate or obituary of immediate family member
  • Copy of military orders
  • Letter from employer in official letterhead verifying involuntary employment changes with specific dates, signed and dated by supervisor.

Authenticity of documents submitted will be verified by the College.  Petitions presented without supporting documentation will not be accepted.

Students with extenuating circumstances related to academic, institutional or enrollment issues may complete a Petition for Exception to the Refund Policy. The petition will be forwarded to the appropriate department for approval.  A credit to the student account will be issued only if the department chair approves and signs the petition, indicating the level of refund considered appropriate.

Deadlines for Submitting Petitions for Exception to the Institutional Refund Policy

Fall term petitions must be submitted before April 1st of the following year; Spring term, before September 1st of the same year; Summer term, before November 1st of the same year. Submission deadlines are strictly enforced. Petitions submitted after the deadline will be rejected.