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Business Management: Healthcare Practice Associate Degree

Pursue many career paths, including office managers in physician’s offices and other health care settings, or prepare to transfer to earn your bachelor's degree.

Program Overview

Careers in health care continue to grow, including those on the business side of health care. In the Business Management: Healthcare Practice program, you will learn about sound managerial practices and procedures, health care finance, and operations of the health care industry.

If you are currently working in the health care field, the Associate in Science Degree in Business Management: Healthcare Practice Management will provide you with business management skills necessary for career advancement. If you are not currently working in the field, the program will provide you with the theory and skills required to succeed in a career in health care management.

Students who attend the Business Management: Healthcare Practice program through iHealth@NECC will complete most of their course work in online courses and come to the iHealth@NECC facility at our Lawrence campus once a week for in-class meetings and laboratory sessions.

Career Opportunities

Graduates pursue many career paths, including office managers in physician’s offices and other health care settings. You can also transfer to a four-year college or university to earn your bachelor’s degree in business management, health care management, or a related health care field.

Program Requirements

Starting in the fall of 2014, any student enrolled in an associate degree program who is new to NECC and has no academic history at the college, must take at least one course designated as intensive in each of NECC’s six core academic skills in order to graduate. In most cases, the program’s core required courses include these intensive courses. Plan to see an advisor for more complete information about this graduation requirement.

Students must earn a grade of “C” or higher in all HES and MRT courses in order to graduate. A minimum of 60 to 64 credits hours (depending on elective choices) are required for graduation.

Required Courses
Course # Course Name Credits Comments
BUS101 Introduction to Business 3
BUS105 Managerial Business Communications 3
BUS211 Business Law I 3
COM112 Interpersonal Communications 3
ENG101 English Composition I 3
ENG102 English Composition II 3 Prerequisite
HES104 Medical Office Administration 3 Corequisite
HES108 Introduction to Healthcare Services 3
HES109 Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance 3 Prerequisite
HES115 Medical Terminology 3
HES201 Healthcare Law and Ethics 3 Prerequisite
HES203 Healthcare Management and Leadership Skills 3 Prerequisite
MGT205 Human Resources Management 3
MRT103 Coding and Classification for Medical Billing 3 Prerequisites
Required Electives Credits Comments
Accounting Elective 3/4
Computer Elective (CIS110, CIS112, CIS113, or CIS210)3/4 CIS110, CIS112, CIS113 or CIS210
Math Elective (MAT120 or higher) 3 MAT120 or higher
Science Elective (2) 6/8 BIO121, BIO122 recommended
Social Science Elective) 3 ACC100 or higher

Program Notes

The Associate in Science degree program in Business Management Healthcare Practice Management option is designed to meet the needs of current healthcare employees who desire career ladder advancement into management within a medical practice or healthcare facility. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum in healthcare finance, sound managerial practices and procedures, and operations of the healthcare industry.

Helpful Hints

Please review the recommended program sequence carefully as some courses are offered in specific semesters and may require prerequisites.

Recommended Course Sequence
Business Management: Healthcare Practice Associate Degree
Semester Courses
Year 1 Fall Accounting Elective, Computer Elective, ENG101, HES115, Math Elective, Social Science Elective
Spring BUS101, BUS105, ENG102, HES108, Science Elective
Year 2 Fall BUS211, HES104, HES201, COM112, Science Elective
Spring HES109, MGT205, HES203, MRT103

Print the Business Management: Healthcare Practice Program Sheet (PDF)


iHealth@NECC Building. 52 Franklin Street Lawrence. Room LIH 103

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