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Tech Help Accessing our Resources

Logging In to Library Computers

Your NECC Student ID number gives you access to many resources and programs on the library’s computers (and computers in the computer labs).

Your 8-digit NECC Student ID number is your login, and the default password is set to your 8-digit birthdate (for example, if you were born April 17, 1993 your password is 04171993). You can change your password on myNECC.

Accessing the NECC Wireless Network

All students may access the wireless network with their mobile device by registering the device(s) with IT in room A-341 in Haverhill, or L-237 in Lawrence.

Accessing Library Databases and Resources from Off-Campus

Off-campus access to NECC databases is restricted to NECC students, faculty, and staff.

When you search a database from either the Articles tab on the homepage, or directly access one from the databases list, you will be prompted to enter your library barcode and password. You should only be prompted to enter this information once for each session.

NECC ID numbers expire once you stop taking classes, or after a set period of time if you are not a student. To re-activate your library barcode number, contact the library at (978) 556-3400.

Does it matter which browser I use?

All major web browsers should be supported, however, if you are having issues accessing or viewing resources (especially through a permalink in Blackboard) you may want to close the browser you are using and try another (Internet Explorer is the most successful for these types of issues). Please note: it is a good idea to use the most recent version of a browser for security reasons.

“Cookie” Errors

Our proxy servers use “cookies” when you connect to them to verify that you are an authorized user. Often various ad blocking software can block cookies. In order for you to access the databases from off campus, you must enable cookies in your browser.

To change your settings in Internet Explorer, select Internet Options from the Tools menu. Using the Privacy tab, slide the bar to the “Low” or “Accept All Cookies” setting and click “OK.” Try again to login to the databases. If you’re using Firefox or another browser, the process is similar.

Pop-Ups Blocked

Many browsers and ad-blocking software block pop-up windows. However, many databases and other library resources load information in a separate tab, creating a message (usually a yellow alert bar at the top or bottom of the screen) that your browser has blocked pop-up content. If you see a message stating that a pop-up has been blocked, choose the option to “add an exception” for the given database or site.

Can’t Open PDF Files

Many documents you will view in the library’s databases, research guides, and other resources are PDF files. If you do not have a PDF Reader installed on your computer  you will not be able to open these files. Adobe provides a free PDF reader for download from their site.

Still Need Help?

Contact us! Sometimes the problem may be on our end, or we can verify that you are using the correct login information.

Phone: 978-556-3400 (Haverhill) or 978-738-7400 (Lawrence)

Email: reference@necc.mass.edu

Text Us: 978-709-1955

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