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Help for Accessing Our Resources

Do you have a library card?

  • Electronic Resources are very expensive and protected by copyright, so access to them must be restricted. Requiring a library card is our way of making sure that only NECC students, faculty, and staff can access these resources from off-campus. If you do not have a library card number, you may request one here, or you can always come in to the library to get an actual card.

Is your number correct, or has your ID expired?

  • Your library ID number should be 14 digits long, so mistyping a number is easy to do, and could cause you not to get into the database. Also, library ID numbers expire once you stop taking classes, or after a set period of time if you are not a student. To ask about getting your library ID number active again, contact the library at You may also call (978)-556-3400 or (978)-738-7400 for further assistance.

Is your browser accepting cookies?

  • Cookies are small pieces of information that are placed on your computer to help the databases remember that you are from NECC, and to keep you from entering the same information over and over. In order for you to access the databases from off campus, your browser must allow these ‘cookies’ to be set. To change your settings in Internet Explorer, select Internet Options from the Tools menu. Using the Privacy tab, slide the bar to the “Low” or “Accept All Cookies” setting and click “OK.” Try again to login to the databases. If you’re using Firefox or another browser, the process is similar.