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Request a Library Card

Hi! Do you want an actual card or a barcode for your ID? If so, please come to the library on either campus to get one. You will not get one by filling out this form.

If you are an online student, and just need a number to access our resources, please use the form below.

Online library card numbers are recommended for students enrolled exclusively in online classes.

Students who attend classes on either campus are strongly encouraged to visit the Haverhill or Lawrence campus library with their NECC student ID card, which will be converted to a library card.

Online students, and students, faculty, and staff who wish to receive an online library card number without receiving a physical library card should submit their information in the form below. Once your information is validated, a library barcode number and password will be sent to your NECC email account (usually within 24 hours, except on weekends).

Your library barcode number and password enable you to access the library’s databases and manage your library account from off-campus.

Please note that if you want to pick up books in person at any NOBLE library, you will need a physical library card, which you may request in person at the Haverhill or Lawrence campus library.

Request A Library card

**Every student is assigned an NECC email account at the time of enrollment. For information on how to access your NECC email account, please visit the NECC Student E-mail System page.