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College Resources

Resources to help you reach your goals

At NECC, your success as a college student is our primary goal. Therefore, there are a number of resources are available on both campuses to help you as your pursue your program or degree. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these numerous services. We are here to help.

If you have a question about your classes or just need some general guidance, do not hesitate to meet with a CPAC Advisor in either Lawrence or Haverhill.

Resources to help you with your class work:

Workshops to help you in the classroom and plan your Educational and Professional future:

Would you like to learn more about how to.

  • Get better grades?
  • Choose the best career for you?
  • Choose a major?
  • Manage the demands of work, school, family, and life in general better?
  • Continue your education after you graduate from NECC?

YES? Then attend one of the numerous, free workshops offered throughout the year at both NECC Campuses.

Resources to enhance your academic experience at NECC:
Think you might be up to the challenge of NECC’s Academic Honors Experience?

Resources to help you continue your education after you graduate from NECC:
CPAC Transfer & Scholarship Information Page
Explore transfer opportunities through Joint Admissions & Articulation Agreements

Would you like to visit the campuses of local colleges & universities?
Then join the PACE Program on a campus visit (Free for PACE students and only $5.00 for NECC students)

Even More Resources for you to explore:
Learn how to get college credit without taking classes with the CLEP Exam.
Learn how you may be able to get credit for life experience.

Are you the first in your family to attend college? Then you may be eligible to participate in the PACE Program.