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Study Skills

While at NECC, do not hesitate to stop by our Tutoring Center: Accounting, Computer Science, ESL, Math, Reading, Science, Writing and Online help is available. The staff members in the Tutoring Center are able to provide assistance with a variety of issues students may have, and may be able to connect students with peer tutors.

In addition, we have put together these links that can help you improve your study techniques, note-taking skills and hopefully become more prepared in the classroom.

  • Note-Taking Using The Cornell Method to take notes from the Cook Counseling Center, Virginia Tech.
  • Developing Reading Skills: The SQ3R Method for Thorough Study Dartmouth College Learning Enhancement Services.
  • Use Six Ways to Eliminate Distractions While Writing a Paper: Written by a SayCampusLife Administrator.
  • Study Distractions Analysis: Examine the three places you study most to see which ones have the most distractions.  Developed by Division of Counseling & Testing, University of Wyoming.
  • Study Skills Checklist: Print out this checklist to help narrow down study skill areas that may need improvement:  Time Scheduling, Concentration, Listening & Note Taking, Reading, Exams, Reading,  and Writing Skills from the Cook Counseling Center, Virginia Tech.
  • Study Schedule A printable weekly calendar in hour-long blocks to map out your time schedule.
  • The Study Skills Help Page – Strategies for Success.  Links to many other study skills sites.  Dr. Carolyn Hopper, Study Skills Coordinator for the Developmental Studies Department at Middle Tennessee State University.