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Time Management and Goal Setting

Time Management and Goal Setting

Time management is a valuable tool, especially in a community college setting. Students have to be able to manage a schedule, often filled not only with the course schedule and study time, but with work, family and other social responsibilities. As a College student, it is imperative to learn, early on, how to better manage your time.

Time Management and Your Course Schedule

First of all, when you plan your academic schedule, you need to take into consideration your current situation. Will you be working full-time, part-time, or not at all? This is important to be able to determine how many courses you should consider taking per semester. If you work full-time, you should consider taking only 2 classes per semester, and depending on your work schedule, it may determine what kind of courses you can take.

If you work part-time, you may be able to handle taking 12 credits, but again, this may be influenced by your work schedule and your preferences.

Regardless of how many courses you take, you should plan on 2 hours of study time per class, so for every hour you are in class you should count on 2 hours more to study. For example, if you are taking 6 credits worth of classes, you should count on 12 hours of study time. If you are working full-time that means you already have 40 hours of work, 6 hours of class, 12 hours of study time, and the rest of the time each week to sleep, be with family, eat, drive, etc.