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Become an Internship Partner

Internship programs at NECC offer students flexibility and the opportunity to earn academic credit while exploring their chosen career field or to participate independently and gain relevant work experience. Students, faculty, and employers work in partnership to establish the parameters of the schedule, workload, learning outcomes, and generally complete the following steps:

  1. Students meet with NECC faculty and follow the faculty approval process to help match students’ interest and skills with your organization’s needs.
  2. Most interns work for approximately 12 weeks throughout the semester for 14 hours per week.
  3. All students involved in the internship program are required to participate in a series of workshops designed to help them enhance their soft skills.
  4. Interns are provided guidance and support and will have at least two site visits from the Internship Program Coordinator.

Students, employers, and faculty are provided the opportunity to evaluate their experiences. Feedback is used to inform the program and to continually improve quality.

View the video below to learn about the internship program at NECC.

How to become an internship site

Offering internships to NECC students provides significant value to your organization. Host sites are able to gain new, motivated team members who are ready to contribute to your organization. Internships are a great way to become a mentor and to help shape our students into a qualified, dependable, and skilled future workforce. Additionally, your participation positively contributes to our community, as you enhance a student’s educational experiences by allowing them to apply the knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to the work environment.

To become involved, please contact Ashley Moore at (978) 556-3946 or amoore@necc.mass.edu

Hear what our partners are saying!

“Our internship experience with NECC has been to our benefit at many levels: it has provided us a framework for a more effective intern program at CCNNE, helped to provide skilled focus in areas of business opportunity, and given us insight to the quality of potential new-hire candidate NECC develops here in the Merrimack Valley. We will continue to welcome the opportunity to collaborate with NECC students in their career development, and appreciate the ongoing support of NECC Career Connections.”

Mike Elmer
Director of Capabilities
Coca Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England


“The student interns from NECC Lab Sciences program performed above our expectations, running the QC of diagnostic tests and evaluating the data in Excel. Two students were transitioned to permanent employees at the end of their internships and graduation and have remained valuable employees since that time.”

“We were able to utilize two student interns from NECC Lab Sciences program to first temporarily, then permanently fill a laboratory technician position upon their graduation. Their performance during the internship allowed us to evaluate these candidates for the QC Technician position. Both graduates of the Lab Sciences program were well prepared to work in the laboratory performing routine assays and data analysis.”

David R. Legg
Vice President, Quality Assurance
Charm Sciences, Inc.