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#NECC2017 Contest Winners

Thank-you to everyone who contributed and congratulations to all of our graduates!

Best Graduate Group Photo

A group of graduating NECC students ready to graduate Karla, NECC ’17, took this photo of herself and friends.

Best Photo with a NECC Employee and Student

Professor Amy Callahan pictured with four of her students, all very excited to be graduating

Professor Amy Callahan took this photo of four of her graduating students.

Best Family Photo

A large, proud family all gathered around the graduate, all celebrating

Susan took this photo of her friend Andrea, NECC ’17, and Andrea’s family. She even gave her gift basket to Andrea!

Best Cap Design

Five graduates are lined up side-by-side, showing off their beautifully design graduation caps.

Zach, NECC ’17, took this photo of his fellow respiratory care graduates’ efforts with their caps.

Honorable Mentions

NECC's student ambassadors  President Lane photobombs the student speaker's group selfie

Multiple photos of an excited graduating student with friends, family, and mentors a group photo of graduating radiology students

a stylish photo of a hidden kiss between a graduating student and her boyfriend A goofy family photo

Professor Murray with graduating Sleep Technology students NECC Professor Michelle Dean poses with many of her graduating students.

A graduate walks toward the commencement tent with a well-designed graduation cap.

All winners received a gift basket of NECC Schwag. The commencement social media contest was open to all NECC students, faculty, staff and family members.