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Alcohol Policy


Alcohol may be served at some college-sponsored events or at third-party events being held on the college’s premises. In order to serve alcohol on the college’s premises, all parties must follow the process for scheduling such an event and comply with all event requirements, college policies and state law. Under no circumstances may alcohol be served at any student event sponsored by a student organization.

Appropriate Purpose

The purpose of the alcohol policy, as well as the planning and execution, is always the focus of the event. The provision of alcoholic beverages should be intended to merely complement the event. Admission to events with alcohol will be restricted to invited guests who are of legal drinking age. Any exception to the admission requirements must be approved not less than 30 days prior to the event by the President or Vice President of Administration & Finance or their designee.

Alcohol Approval Process

All events in which alcohol will be served will require a completed and approved Alcohol Request Form which will be approved or denied within ten business days of receipt, with a copy of the decision forwarded to both the event sponsor and the designated server company. Final approval for all events where alcohol is to be served rests with the President or Vice President of Administration & Finance, CFO or his/her designee.

NECC Approved Caterers

Any event where alcohol will be served must use an NECC approved caterer. Food must be served at all events that serve alcohol. The NECC approved caterers are available on the Alcohol Request Form.

The event sponsor or their designee must be in attendance at all events where alcoholic beverages are available. If a designee is to be assigned, that information must be included on the above mentioned form.

Designated Servers

All events where alcohol will be served require the hiring of an approved NECC alcohol licensed designated servers. Vendors are appropriately insured and trained to provide this service and are responsible for understanding and maintaining compliance with all applicable Massachusetts State Laws and all licensure requirements for serving alcohol.

Public Safety

Public Safety and/or the Haverhill/Lawrence Police Departments are required at all events involving the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages. The number of officers required will vary but will equal approximately one officer for every 150 participants. The number of officers must be determined in conjunction with the Events Coordinator and Public Safety prior to the event. The event sponsor shall cover the expense of the Public Safety staff or Haverhill/Lawrence Police Department staff. The Events Coordinator can provide the cost for police or public safety detail.

Policy Violations

Any college student or employee who violates this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion or termination. Any violations of this policy by college or non-college affiliated individuals may be referred to local law enforcement agencies.