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Assembly Policy

Northern Essex Community College wholeheartedly encourages informal student gatherings to provide a welcoming community climate on campus. To establish orderly and safe spaces for all students and to facilitate easy and natural movement of students, faculty, staff and visitors through the halls and into the campus buildings, the college needs to designate appropriate places and times for small informal student gatherings. Generally between the hours of 12-1 pm, Monday through Friday, the following places may be used without formal scheduling:

  • Jitters Cafe in the B-Building,
  • Recreation areas in the Sport & Fitness Center,
  • A Quick Byte in the Technology Center,
  • Lounge and Cafeteria in the Behrakis One Stop Student Center, and
  • Exterior patio between the classroom buildings.

Personal music and conversation of one group should be contained at a level that doesn’t disturb the neighboring group(s) or the business of the college.

Anytime that classes are in session the college requests that all members of its community and its visitors respect the need for sufficient quiet outside the classrooms and offices. Please restrict the size, noise and level of activity of informal group gatherings during any hours that classes are scheduled on campus to the above mentioned locations.