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Bulletin Boards Posting Policy

Bulletin boards are for use by college recognized departments and organizations.

All materials must be stamped and dated by the Student Engagement Center before appearing on bulletin boards.

Faculty course announcements must be approved by the faculty member’s academic dean prior to being approved by the Student Engagement Center.

Unstamped advertisements will be removed.

Advertising may appear on assigned bulletin boards only. Windows, doors, walls and glass are not for advertising purposes. Advertising appearing in unassigned areas will be removed.

Certain bulletin boards and display cases are assigned and identified for the exclusive use of academic departments for college business and are not subject to this approval process.

Non-profit organizations may post their events on designated bulletin boards. These organizations may be asked to produce a copy of their tax-exempt letter from the IRS to verify their non-profit status.

Posted advertisements should be no larger than 11″ x 17″. Contact the Director of Student Engagement if you have any questions.

Advertising on campus is subject to Northern Essex Community College policies and procedures.

Interpreting Services

For events with scheduled interpreters please use the following text:

“Sign Language Interpreting will be provided. For other access requests, questions or event information, please contact the host of the event, [insert the host’s name or department and host contact information here].”

For flyers that do not have a confirmed interpreter, the following language should be added (including for non-time/date specific flyers):

“Individuals requesting sign language interpreting, access requests (including food related allergies), questions, or for further event information, please contact the host of this event [insert host name or department contact here] at [host phone number] or by email at [host email].”

Please Note: The host or hosting department of the event is responsible for contacting Interpreting Services to request Sign Language Interpreters and contact Learning Accommodations for referrals.

As a reminder, make sure that you include contact information on your flyer prior to submitting it for approval. Please allow two business days for processing. When possible, bring in an original document for approval, before making copies.

For additional information, contact the Student Engagement Center in the Sport & Fitness Center (D125) on the Haverhill campus at 978-556-3731.