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Recording Policy

The audio or video recording of a class or non-public meeting requires the prior consent of the person(s) being recorded. 

In Massachusetts, permission to record a classroom lecture requires consent of the instructor and all members of the class that is being recorded. Instructor and class permission is not required when a student is granted a reasonable accommodation as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Students who require recording or other adaptations of lectures as a reasonable accommodation for a disability should contact the Learning Accommodations Office in order to obtain permission for the recording(s). In such cases, the instructor should notify the students, speakers and other lecture attendees in advance that recording may occur. However, every effort should be made to protect the confidentiality of a student with an accommodation, i.e. the instructor will not name the student who is doing the recording when it is due to an accommodation.

The permission to allow the recording is not a transfer of any copyrights in the recording or related course materials. Such recordings and materials may be used only for individual or group study with other students enrolled in the same class, and may not be reproduced, transferred, distributed or displayed in any public or commercial manner.

The unauthorized recording, reproduction or uploading of recordings to the Internet may result in a violation of the recorded person’s intellectual property rights, may constitute a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, and may be subject to NECC disciplinary action.


Course Materials mean lecture notes, outlines, slides, PowerPoint® presentations, readings, or other content made available to students by the instructor or presenter, or through the NECC online learning system.

Recording(s) means a video or audio replication or photographic image recorded on devices including, but not limited to, audio recorders, video recorders, cell phones, Smartphones, digital cameras, media players, computers, or other devices that record images or sound.