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Meet the Staff



Gisela Nash
Title V Director
(978) 738-7413

Gisela was born and raised in Puerto Rico, she moved to Washington, DC to attend graduate school. After a career working for the Department of Defense in Washington, DC and Massachusetts, she joined NECC with the first Title V grant, working at the Career Planning and Advising Center (CPAC) in Lawrence. At CPAC she helped students with their enrollment needs and managed the Mentor Program.She cofounded the Tertulias Club and coordinated the Hispanic Cultural Enrichment Program, providing a forum for students to connect with faculty and staff, and bringing local and national Latino figures, authors, journalists, poets and scientists to participate in the college’s White Fund Lecture Series. Gisela is currently managing the implementation of the second Title V grant which supports the new Student Success Center in Lawrence, as well as programs and services designed to help students succeed at NECC.


Niurka Aybar
SSC Coordinator
(978) 738-7451

Niurka is a native of the Dominican Republic. She enrolled in English classes at NECC upon graduation from Lawrence High School. After receiving her degree in Business Administration, Niurka transferred to Merrimack College where she earned a bachelor’s degree in the same subject.Niurka says that her passion for helping students and for working in higher education comes from her positive student experience at NECC. She has worked at the college since 2003 and in her existing role as the Coordinator of the Student Success Center she works to provide NECC students with the same guidance, support and encouragement she received while she was a student here.


Karletty Medina
Academic Success/Career Coach
(978) 738-7479

Karletty was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Lawrence at a young age. After obtaining her Master’s Degree in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University she decided she wanted to work as a college counselor to provide students with the same support network she had throughout her educational journey.  Karletty joined NECC as a Social Services Counselor working in the Career Planning and Advising Center (CPAC) in Lawrence. She has held a few positions at the college since and now works as an Academic Success/Career Coach at the Student Success Center (SSC) where she provides access to our community’s support services. Karletty uses the positions that she has held at NECC to cheer students on so that they too can pursue their academic goals.