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SSC Newsletter Archive

In the photo students sit at tables working individually or in small groups. The tables, with three or four chairs, are large enough to spread out your work and small enough to allow multiple areas for students to work. Sitting at the desk in the corner a staff member answers a student's questions.

The Center which is located on the Lawrence – Franklin St. campus, is designed to work with students one-on-one and connect them with college and community resources that will help them succeed in and out of the classroom.


Congratulations to Our Soldiers

Jean Carlos Gomez, NECC Student in Soldier Uniform

Jean Carlos Gomez
Our students at the Student Success Center continue to develop into professional young men and women with life goals and values. At the Center, they are constantly encouraged to find employment (paid or volunteer) that is related to their studies and the work they hope to do once they complete the necessary education. …

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Celebrating Tradition & Encouraging Success

A group of about 20 people singing, clapping, and wearing straw hats.

The three local mill cities: Haverhill, Lowell, and Lawrence have been shaped and influenced by the numerous immigrants who arrived to our busy streets and called it home. One can see and experience the various cultures through local restaurants, festivals, and cultural events. March is dedicated to our Irish men and women whose ancestors built the mills, canals, and roads that gave our mill cities life. Lowell, home to the highest population of Cambodians in the country, celebrates its robust Asian community with the annual Southeast Asian Water Festival, and the local Italian community celebrates their heritage at Lawrence’s Feast of the Three Saints, which will enjoy its 92nd year in 2015.

More recently, Latino communities are also joining in the celebration of heritage and tradition. Like other cultures, the sense of belonging is crucial in the assimilation process and staying connected to their rituals, music, and food helps with feeling connected to their new home. Locally, Hispanic Week in mid-June serves as the days we celebrate Latinos at the Lawrence Campagnone Common Park, which has been the site since 1979. Nationally, Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15th to October 15th and through different mediums, we observe and acknowledge the multiple contributions of our Latino brothers and sisters.

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Student Success Center Helps NECC Graduates Succeed

Jose Mane (left), Dayanna Martes (center), and Emmanuel Hernandez (right)

For many community college students it takes more than the “two-years” that many believe it should take to obtain an Associate Degree and transfer. This is especially true for first-generation students, regardless of how “good” of a student one may be, and the sooner students can talk about the graduation timeline the less mystery there will be in the complex world of higher education.

There are various reasons for taking an extra semester or two or three to graduate: the necessity to work and help the family with finances; parental responsibilities; a change of major; health issues and many others. The good news is there are role models to follow, who experience very similar difficult circumstances, but have succeeded and are moving on.

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Profile of an NECC Artist

Colorful artwork image: Northern Essex Community College. National Hispanic Hertiage month 2014.

This country was founded on the concept of immigration. Immigrants from all around the world have arrived by land, air and sea with one idea in mind: opportunity. Opportunity for a better education; opportunity for better work; opportunity for a better life. NECC is committed to celebrate the diversity of cultures, especially when both campuses, Haverhill & Lawrence, are located in mill cities. The cities were home to thousands of European immigrants who came ashore to work in the mills during the country’s Industrial Revolution.

The most recent wave of immigrants include Latin Americans from Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and Honduras. From September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month, when we celebrate the many contributions and successes of Latinos in this country including one of NECC’s own, Angel Augusto.

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Raquel Cepeda: A proud Latina with a message of self-identity, hope and resilience.

NECC students stand around Raquel Cepeda

Author, Hip-hop journalist and social activist, Raquel Cepeda, blessed Lawrence with her presence during the Spring semester to speak about identity and the search to feel comfort within your own skin. A group of more than 20 NECC students took part in the luncheon that included an in-depth discussion about her new book Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina.

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Eleven freshmen, three men and eight women, that completed the Summer Bridge program.

Bridge Program – August 2013

Eleven Latino freshmen completed the Summer Bridge Program in August 2013. The 2-week program is designed to help students adjust to college life and build a foundation for academic success. Sergio Troncoso, author of “From This Wicked Patch of Dust”, visited with students on August 21st.

Eleven members of the Tertulias Club, all smiling happily, and one giving a thumbs up.

Tertulias Club – Ernesto Quinones

The club is dedicated to engage Latino students in different areas of the college as well as the community, which enhances their educational experience at NECC. The group meets every Friday from 12-1PM on the Lawrence Campus. For more information, visit the SSC.

Six members of the Tertulias Club , three men and three women, at the conference.

Dominican Student Conference

Last spring, Tertulias students attended the annual conference which includes workshops, food, networking and entertainment. The club has gone to the last 2 conferences and plans on going next April which will take place at Harvard University in Boston. Stay tuned for more info or come by Tertulias on Fridays at noon – 1 p.m. at the Lawrence Campus.