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FAQ about Office 365

What is my email address?

Your email address is your eight-digit myNECC ID@student.necc.edu. This is a change from your old email address, which was your eight-digit myNECC ID@student.necc.mass.edu.

How do I log in?

You can log into your Office 365 account through myNECC. Your email address is also your username to log in to your email. Your initial password is “Necc-” (Please note it is Case Sensitive) plus your birthday in the MMDDYYYY format. Example: Necc-01011920. Once you change this password to one of your own choosing, you will not need to change it again. (This will reduce any issues with your mobile device.)

Please note that this password will be for your email only; logging in to myNECC, Blackboard, Self-service, and Online payments will be with a different password.

You can also log in through http://outlook.com/student.necc.edu.

Be sure to read the Student Email Policy for information that all users are subject to.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, contact the Service Desk at 978-556-3111.

Can I access my account with my smartphone or mobile device?

Yes, with Office 365 you stay connected even when you can’t get to a computer. You can access your NECC email account as well as instant messaging from your web-enabled mobile devices. Learn how to set your smartphone up to receive your NECC email.

What programs does Office 365 give me access to?

Office 365 gives you access to virtual Microsoft Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

What is Windows Live SkyDrive™?

It’s a password-protected, 7GB online storage space to share documents across devices and with your friends. Set up personal folders for yourself and public folders you can choose to share with friends and fellow students. And here’s the best part: SkyDrive™ is accessible from anywhere online.

What are the calendar features?

Office 365 will help you stay on top of all your school work and “work” work, while still finding time for your personal life. Stay organized by using your Office 365 account to coordinate your busy schedule:

  • Create personal calendars to share or keep private
  • Set up study groups, arrange meetings, and coordinate events
  • Send and accept meeting requests and automatically place appointments on your friends’ calendars.

What else can I do with my Office 365 account?

  • You can create websites, blogs, forums, photo albums, and music lists to share with classmates and friends;
  • Communicate and work with your peers online using group chat to facilitate team discussions;
  • Display and share documents and folders you have saved in your 25 GB of online storage space, and;
  • Set up e-profiles for prospective employers