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Contact Public Safety

General Information:
Haverhill: 978-556-3689
Lawrence: 978-738-7499

Emergencies Only:
Haverhill: 978-556-3333 Lawrence: 978-556-3333

Dial ext. 3333 from any campus phone.

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Do you drive to Campus?


3 easy steps

to get your parking decal…TODAY! 

  1. Order decal online using your Debit/Credit Visa, MasterCard or Discover through
  2. Print receipt
  3. Place it on your dashboard until the parking decal arrives in the mail.

NOTE: is a secure website guaranteed by Security Metrics Credit Card SAFE.

To purchase a parking decal with a check or exact change (cash) payment, go to the Payments Window in the Ourania Behrakis Student One-Stop Center in Haverhill, or the Welcome Express Center in the Dr. Ibrahim ElHefni Allied Health and Technology Center at 414 Common St. in Lawrence. You will need your vehicle registration information at the time of completing your Parking Decal Application Form.

NECC Parking Decal Requirements

Northern Essex Community College’s parking decal requirements are an important part of the college’s overall public safety plan.

  1. Parking decals allow Public Safety to know who is on campus at all times.
  2. Due to the premium parking in Lawrence, parking decals allow Public Safety to eliminate non-NECC individuals from parking in NECC parking lots. Previously non-NECC individuals would park in the NECC parking lots to avoid paying for city parking and parking meters. With parking decals, NECC can provide the full extent of available parking to NECC individuals, and NECC individuals only. 
  3. Parking decals assist Public Safety in identifying the driver of a vehicle in the event of an emergency, accident, etc. 

Parking Decals are required to park in permitted parking lots. Fees apply for all students, faculty and staff as follows:

Permitted Parking Lots – Parking Decal Costs


$8.50 per semester

Faculty & Staff

$17 per academic year


$8.50 per semester


Visitors and Free Parking Lots


       Designated areas in the Hartleb Technology Center


       Buckley Garage

NECC Riverwalk:

       No Parking Decal Required

On a space available basis, any employee or student who does not wish to pay the parking fee may park for free in the designated area in the Hartleb Technology Center parking lot on the Haverhill Campus, or in the Buckley Garage on the Lawrence Campus. NECC Riverwalk will not require a permit.

Information for Students

The parking fee for students is $8.50 per semester. Students will need a new parking decal for each semester they are enrolled: fall, spring, and summer. Students can purchase a parking decal 24-48 hours after registering for classes.

Information for Faculty & Staff

The parking fee for full-time and part-time faculty who work the academic year and full-time and part-time staff is $17.00 annually. The parking fee for adjunct faculty is $8.50 per semester. Such employees need a new parking sticker for each semester that they teach: fall, spring, and summer. Adjunct faculty can purchase a parking sticker 24-48 hours after being assigned a class.

Questions about Parking Decal?

Contact the Bursar’s Office at 978-556-3895 or email

Additional details and the full parking policy is available here.