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ESL Helpful Links

Northern Essex Community College- Support Areas

Online Dictionaries

Longman Online Dictionary
Webster’s dictionary
Foreign word dictionary
Dictionary of Spanish

Comprehensive Sites

These sites offer a variety of choices, from writing and grammar help to pronunciation exercises to quizzes, chat rooms, and more.

English Club:
The Learning Center offers help on just about everything. You can even work on pronunciation or listen to weekly news. Also has a Clubhouse with games and quizzes.

Interesting Things for ESL Students:
Lots of games, puzzles, and quizzes for grammar and vocabulary. Good listening practice for individual sounds, reading, and dialogue.

George Washington University ESL Study Hall Links to many helpful sites (some of which are listed in other
sections here) by category (e.g., vocabulary, reading).

Grammar Sites

University of Ottawa (Canada) A grammar website, recommended by Rick Lizotte. Scroll down a bit
to see the list of topics.

Capital Community College Guide to Grammar and Writing Includes grammar explanations and quizzes as well as topics pertaining to writing at the paragraph and essay levels.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) and Purdue Online Writing Lab – Grammar (OWL)
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). The first link is a special ESL
section that targets problems common for ESL students; the second is their standard grammar section, which links to the ESL information and more. Provides printable exercises and some interactive exercises.

Daily Grammar lessons
Has exercises categorized by part of speech.

Listening Sites

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab
3 levels of listening; “real” situations.
Also has quizzes, but listening is better.

National Public Radio
News, stories of interest, and radio programs. You can click on anything with the listening icon to listen to it. Great practice!

English Language Listening Lab Online
Many opportunities to listen to different speakers on various topics including speakers with slightly different accents.


Dave’s ESL Cafe
Has some quizzes, a discussion board for getting help, a chat room, and other stuff. Some links require signing up for a service, but many are free.

English for Everybody
Has practice tests, including TOEFL.

PEARSON LONGMAN – STUDENT HOME PAGE A publisher’s page with some activities.