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Organizing – This program may be offered in the future!

The following new series will help you hone your organizing skills whether you’re a seasoned professional organizer or preparing to enter the field. 

Instructor: Susan Walko, experienced instructor and professional organizer who manages Organiz-ER, a business designed to helping individuals become personally organized in their homes and professional lives.

Paper Organizing  NEW!

Learn a proven methodology for handling paperwork related to current tasks, including organizing categories for filing home, business, personal, and financial paperwork.  Students will have an opportunity to set up their own filing system and discuss strategies for dealing with troubling paperwork.


Desk Management  NEW!

Determine how to keep your desk under control; includes methods of setting up your desk, strategies for having a virtual desk, and creating routines so your “desk” does not get out of control.


E-organizing  NEW!

Discover how to funnel the overwhelming amount of electronic information received daily.  Explore how to utilize electronic personal organization tools, embrace technology without it ruling your life and strategies for going paperless.


Organizing for Special Populations  NEW!

Explore how to adapt routines to work with populations such as hoarders, elderly, students, children and those with disabilities.