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Certificate Program Requirements

Please note:

  • Only the current requirements listed in the Academic Advising Handbook, the College Catalog, and the website are listed here.
  • If you have been attending NECC for a few semesters, see your Faculty Advisor or the Academic Advising staff for verification.

**IMPORTANT** The following is a list of Certificate Programs offered at NECC. If you are currently working towards a major, you may have requirements other than what is listed. Please see your Faculty Advisor or Academic Advising for verification.

  1. Click on program of interest.
  2. Print page for use as a worksheet.
  3. Determine what classes you need to graduate!

Certificate Program Audit Sheets PDFs

Download Adobe Reader to view PDF’s

Use each check sheet to see how much you have completed and what is still needed for the degree.

If you have any questions regarding electives, requirements, or which courses you can use to satisfy your major, please see your faculty advisor or Academic Advising.