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Issues To Be Aware of Re: Dropping a Course

If the student drops a course and it brings them below 12 credits (which is considered full-time), they should be aware of the following :

  • Financial aid eligibility – It may jeopardize financial aid eligibility. Check with the Financial Aid Office for clarification of policy.
  • Veteran’s benefits – It may effect Veterans’ benefits. Check with the Veteran’s office regarding their policy.
  • Athletes – For student athletes, it may effect this status and make them ineligible to play on the team. They should check with their coach.
  • Medical benefits – It may make the student ineligible for medical insurance benefits if they are being carried under parent’s insurance plan as a dependent child. They should check with parent or insurance company.

The date when a student drops a class, determines the grade that shows up on their transcript.

  • If dropped during the official drop/add period it does not show up on transcript.
  • If dropped after the drop/add period may get one of the following grades depending on when the student drops it:  


    If dropped after drop/add and before the day listed on the Academic calendar as the “last day to drop with a W”. This is usually the 10th week of class. This Fall  Semester it is November 17, 2010.  (The grade is not averaged into GPA).


    Grade given to the student if the faculty drops the student for non-participation during this 10 week period mentioned above. (The grade is not averaged into GPA).


    Grade assigned if student drops or if faculty assigns NP on final grade roster.